Over alpine meadows to the summit cross

The dairymaids’ trail

The Chinese philosopher Confucius was supposed to have said, “the way is the goal“. When you wander through green forests and over blooming alpine meadows, the truth of these words is revealed around almost every bend and every hill. Just a little further, then we are there. The thighs are starting to burn a little but the dreamy, pure nature around us makes every step enjoyable. We met at the car park in Unken an hour ago, packed the hiking rucksack, laced up our hiking boots and are following the signposted route Sennerinnen-Wegs“ (the dairymaids’ trail). The first part led us along the forestry track through the forested area of Unkenberg. And here we are now marching uphill towards our first goal.

Over alpine meadows to the summit cross

Birds are singing songs above us in the green canopy of leaves but apart from this a pleasant silence reigns. And with every step we take, everyday life falls further away from us. At the fork to the Thälernalm we follow the alm path. The section to the alm saddle is somewhat steeper but we still make good progress. The alm huts of the Thälernalm are picturesque, spread out over the green alpine meadow, here and there flowers bloom. We look for a spot under a shady tree and enjoy a sip of water. We stretch out our legs and lie in the soft grass – wonderful! We enjoy the panorama around us for a while and listen to the chirping of the birds. Then we put on our rucksacks again and hike on further in the direction of the Thälnerkogel. This summit is 1,337 metres high. It has a great view and is adorned with a beautiful, new alm cross. It is worth taking a short break here as well – the view is impressive! The entire valley basin lies spread out in front of us and the majestic mountains rise up in the background.

Have a break at the Top Spot

Sighing, we tear ourselves away from this divine view and walk on to the Astennalm and Hornwiesalm. Those who want to take a sporty detour

can now climb the 1,542 metre Dietrichshorn, on the back of the Unkenberger Mähder. From the alm saddle where we are at the moment, a path leads up to the wooded rocky outcrop that you can see from afar. We decide not to take this route today and continue our journey leisurely. Already the next view point is in front of us – the Hoisenhöhe on the Unkenberger Mähder. Here we take a break again, get our snack out of the rucksack and make ourselves comfortable on the beautiful wooden chairs at the Top Spot Unkenberger Mähder The wind carries the mooing of the cows to our ears and contentedly, we nestle down deeper into the chairs.

A break from everyday life

After indulging in doing nothing for a while, we prepare for the last stage of our dairymaids’ trail. Now the alm path leads down in the direction of the car park – our starting point. When we arrive at the carpark we will have walked eight and a half kilometres in around three hours and conquered 500 metres of altitude. Still, we enjoy the last metres, the last steps. We are in no hurry because there at the car park, everyday life is waiting for us again. But should we need a little time out again, we know where we can find it.

The Hiking Village Unken: experience the magic of hiking

Since 2019, Unken has officially carried the seal of approval of the “Österreichischen Wanderdörfer”, the Austrian Hiking Villages. Since 1991, the association has stood for the development of contemporary hiking opportunities, amongst other things. There are many possibilities – from a leisurely, one-hour village circuit which is particularly family-friendly, up to intermediate routes such as the Wetterkreuz and Peitlingköpfl from Unken. On all tours around the hiking village there is always someone with you– Luxi the hiking lynx, the helpful hiking mascot who provides you with lots of interesting facts on information boards. He describes something of the history of the region and points out particularly beautiful viewpoints. On the day hike – “Around the Achberg“ you can experience up close the white water for which the Salzburger Saalachtal is famous, far and wide. You walk through the romantic Aschauerklamm and the Innersbachklamm in Reith bei Unken. There a small pool hides at the entrance to the gorge, which is ideal for taking a short break and cooling off your legs in the cold water. But on the way back via the Gaissteig, fans of white water certainly get their fill.

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