“Bladl” Festival

Culinary Treat in the Salzburger Saalachtal

Bladln - a traditional dish in Pinzgau which was often served in farmhouse kitchens in the past and definitely makes the mouth water. Just as there are many different types of dough, there are also many different fillings. They can be filled with mushrooms, bacon and cheese or there is a sweet variety with jam, quark or cinnamon. 



The "Bladl" Festival 2021 is cancelled and will take place in 2022.

The History of the “Bladln” ...

Bladl are stuffed dough pockets. For example, these can be sweet with cranberry jam or savoury with a potato-bacon filling and pickled cabbage. But these are just two possible fillings. There are many more variations of this  local speciality. The bladl are prepared from potato or rye dough and can be spicy with mushrooms, cheese and bacon or for those with a sweet tooth, with quark, fruit and cranberries.  These treats are prepared at the festival, which takes place every 2 years during the Harvest Festival, by farmers' wives from Unken, Lofer and St. Martin according to secret recipes from each family's cookbook – so stop by and enjoy!



Das Salzburger Saalachtal

Bladl Recipe to Make Yourself

Even though most of the recipes for Saalachtaler Bladn are preserved in old, traditional cookbooks rarely seen by the public, this year we are revealing one of these secret recipes.


Bladl Recipe from Helga Millinger from St. Martin (Ingredients for ca. 25 delicious bladl):


•      500 gr. rye flour

•      250 gr. white flour

•      salt

•      3/8 l boiling water

•      25 g melted butter and plenty of oil for cooking


Bring the water with some salt and the butter to the boil, then pour all at once into a bowl with the flour.

Mix the dough, knead gently and wrap in clingfilm and keep cool for ca. 1 hour. 

Form a roll, cut of finger-thick wheels and roll these out until they are almost circular (circles with a diameter of ca. 20 cm are ideal)

Now place the required filling on one half and fold in the middle. Press down firmly around the edges and then place into the hot fat.

Finished! A delight which must be experienced – watching and learning is the best recipe. The finished Bladl can be prepared both as a savoury variety (eg. with cabbage)  or sweet (eg. with jam).



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