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Family festival

Look Out - Adventurers Big and Small

Do you fancy great games, action and shared outdoor experiences?

The Saalachtal Family Festival enters the next round and has several highlights for you once again: test your skills as a mountaineer on the big climbing tower,  compete as a racing driver with one of the 4 quads, prove yourself as a cowboy on the rodeo bull  “Alonso“,  or pose in front of real fire engine, as cool as Fireman Sam. These and many other play stations are waiting for you to try them out. 


And by the way: participation in the festival as well as the individual stations is FREE.


Further information on the date for the Family Festival 2020 will follow shortly.



These stations could be discovered at the family festival 2019:


Master Builders' Tent

You can build and pile up 1200 building bricks of various sizes for all you're worth! Whether you build a crane or a huge racing car – there are no limits to your imagination here. Parents and onlookers are certain to be impressed by your building works.


Clown Pedro & His Balloon Animals

When you see huge soap bubbles floating through the air and funny balloon animals on children's heads you can be sure that Clown Pedro is around. You can have lots of fun with him – he'll make you laugh with his magic tricks and his amusing balloon animals. Let him surprise you with the secrets and treasures hidden in his bag.






Climbing Tower

Who can make it right to the top? It's not as difficult as it looks. You'll receive the equipment for your climbing attempts with an explanation as to how to use it. You'll be looked after and supported by professionals from the Alpine Association and Mountain Rescue.


Swing Ride

There's a swing ride ready for the smallest visitors among you where you can spin around in comfort.


Jungle Slide I Bouncy Castle I Bucking Bull Alonso

You can properly rampage around on the jungle slide and the bouncy castle and the Bucking Bull Alonso is waiting for you to tame him.



Bungee Trampoline

Only the very bravest dare to jump on the bungee trampoline – are you one of them?



Or perhaps you'd rather have a race on the quads with your family? Which one of you is the fastest?

Water Run / Giant Water Slide

The ultimate way to cool off on hot summer days!  Off you go from the 7 metre high slide, down into the cool of the pool. The water balls are enormous fun, for the spectators as well – enormous transparent balls in which you can move on water -  running, sitting or standing. So don't forget your swimming costume.


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