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Traditions and Customs

Genuine, Traditional and Alive

The utmost importance is placed on traditions in the Salzburger Saalachtal. Many locals are active in one or more associations making it possible to preserve the traditional customs and cultural diversity of the region.


The Tresterer – the Schönperchten – are rare and unique to Unken. On the Feast of the Epiphany they make their way from farmhouse to farmhouse to bring luck and blessings for the new year.


Well Worth Seeing.... The Salzburger Harvest Festival

Another tradition worth seeing is the home-coming parade of the cattle at the Harvest Festival. The heads of the cows are decorated with many flowers and they wear their cow-bells with pride – the animals are „aufgekranzt“ or crowned, as we say colloquially.  Special delicacies from Pinzgau are served at this time of year. There are demonstrations by children's groups from the traditional costume associations „ D´Stoaberger“ and „D`Saalachtaler“, Schnalzer groups and  there are also special craft markets to visit.

Tangible History... The Kalchofengut

Anyone who would like to find out more about the history of the Salzburger Saalachtal should pay a visit to the Kalchofengut, an old farmhouse dating from the 13th Century, which has been turned into a museum of local traditions and culture.  Here visitors can marvel at old forms of fencing, a kitchen range and parlour, traditional furnishings and sculptures of saints as well as historic objects from livestock and arable farming, alpine farming and the timber industry.
In every case there is so much to discover and you can get to know the Salzburger Saalachtal from a very special side  – genuine, traditional and alive.