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Harvest Festival 

Sit together – eat – make music - celebrate

When the cows have grazed the last of the lush mountain herbs on the alm pasture; the mist rises up from the valley and the trees are dressed in their autumn colours, Harvest Festival is no longer far away. The farmers and the dairymen and women, together with their animals, take leave of the alm. The days are becoming shorter and soon the first snow will fall on the high alms. It is time to prepare the alm hut for winter and get ready for the quiet time of the year. As a sign that the alm summer has ended without mishap for the people and animals, the alm livestock is crowned with decorative headpieces for the return to the valley.

The cattle homecoming parade is one of the traditions most worth seeing in the Salzburger Saalachtal. A myriad of flowers decorate the cows' heads and they carry their bells proudly. These chimes, which protect the animals from danger on their way back to the valley, announce the homecomers from far away.  Animals and people are ceremoniously welcomed back to the village where the harvest is in full swing. After a sunny summer, potatoes, pumpkins and herbs are brought in from the fields. The traditional cuisine of Salzburger Land makes use of these delicious local and seasonal ingredients. 

Herbs, wild plants and medicinal plants at the Salzburger Harvest Festival

Eyebright, ribwort or spruce resin: generations of Salzburger farmers' wives have sworn by the effects of herbs, roots and resins. The medicinal herbs and resins have a reserved seat in the medicine cabinet at home.  These mountain herbs also add a special something to the harvest cuisine. Convince yourself!

Our TOP Harvest Festival Events 2017

Harvest Festival Opening and 21st Farm Festival by Family Willberger in Unken.

Sunday 27th  August, from 11 am

Opening of the Harvest Festival in Salzburger Saalachtal with tapping of the beer keg by Mayor Hubert Lohfeyer. Culinary treats and delicacies such as smoked trout and much more from the farm.

Harvest Festival in Scheffsnoth in Lofer

Sunday, 3rd  September, from 11 am

Morning concert by the Bürgermusik Lofer, Pinzgauer specialities, children's programme and presentations by the children's group of the traditional costume association, D´Stoaberger.

Homecomers Festival – Cattle Homecoming Parade in Lofer & St. Martin


Saturday, 9th September, ca. 11 am


On this day the cows, wearing their decorated headpieces, will be led back down to the valley from the Loferer Alm. Culinary treats and musical entertainment await at the Restaurant Loderbichl.


From 12 noon. Harvest Festival with cattle homecoming parade in St.Martin bei Lofer, with Schnalzer groups, horse and cart, craft market and the children's group from the traditional costume association, D'Saalachtaler. From 1 pm, concert by the band,  St. Martiner Dorfmusikanten. Pinzgauer specialites from our farmers' wives and harvest festival hosts. Vintage tractor exhibition.

Harvest Festival with Cattle Homecoming Parade in Weißbach bei Lofer


Sunday, 10th  September, from 10 am


Early-morning pint and culinary treats from the farmers' wives. The beautifully decorated livestock will be led down to the valley from the Kallbrunnalm.