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As of October 15, 2021



  • Are the borders open?
    The boarders are open.

    Current entry regulations:

    Entry to Austria is possible if you have proof of a Covid test, a vaccination or of a past Covid infection. There are no further quarantine regulations (e.g. registration, temporary quarantine, etc.). Those rules apply amongst others for guests from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland. The complete list you find here.

    Stricter entry rules apply, for those how arrive by plane from Spain or Cyprus. Upon entry, you must either provide evidence of full immunization or a negative PCR test result. You can now make a PCR test at the Salzburg Airport.

    A registration requirement for entering the country ( Pre-Travel-Clearance-Form) exists from 10th of June onwards only for those entering from high-incidence areas or variant of concern areas (see here). An entry from those countries is only possible under certain regulations.

    All Information for your entry to Austria you find here.

  • Please remember, that for your return trip the rules of your home country are valid (regarding quarantine, Covid tests, etc.).

    For the return trip to Germany applies the following:

    People aged 12 and over must have a negative test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery upon entry.

  • For all Austrians: Travelling through the „kleines Deutsches Eck“ (Walserberg-Steinpass) is possible without problems.

Current rules: 3-G rule, access tests and mask requirement

On September 15, the new step-by-step plan with various measures came into force in Austria. The applicable corona regulations are now dependent on the number of intensive care beds in hospitals with Covid-19 patients.
3G means that you have to be vaccinated, recovered or tested when using services (e.g. eating in a restaurant).

  • What ist the step-by-step plan?
    Step 1: effective from September 15th
    Reduction of the validity period of the antigen tests from 48 to 24 hours
    FFP2 mask requirements apply in pharmacies, food retailers, banks, post offices and postal partners as well as in administrative authorities and administrative courts
    FFP2 mask in the trade for unvaccinated people mandatory (random checks by authorities), a recommendation for all others
    Step 2: If the intensive care beds are occupied by 15% (300 beds), the following measures will be valid seven days later:
    Antigen tests with self-acceptance ("living room tests") are no longer permitted as 3G evidence
    Introduction of the 2G rule (vaccinated and convalescent) for night-time gastronomy and similar settings as well as for events without assigned seats with more than 500 people
    Step 3: With a 20% occupancy rate (400 beds), antigen tests are no longer permitted as 3G detection seven days later (only vaccinated, recovered and tested using a PCR test).
  • How is recovery and vaccination defined in Austria?
    People who were infected with Covid-19 are exempt from the obligation to test six months after recovery. The recovery can be proven by an antibody test.
    Vaccinated persons are exempt from the obligation to test from the day of the second vaccination, this must not be older than 360 days (for the vaccine from Johnson & Johson, an exemption from the obligation to test applies from the 22nd day of vaccination). The vaccination can be proven by means of a vaccination certificate, vaccination card or printout.
  • Which tests are valid?
    Negative PCR Test: valid 72 hours
    Negative antigen test form the test street (see test options below): valid 24 hours
    Antigen tests for personal use (digital living room test): 24 hours
        - The "Selbsttest RF Salzburg" App is available Apple and Android user.
        - Download the App, scan the QR code on the test, enter data and record the test result
    There is still an alternative for this at under the menu item “Anmeldung zum Selbsttest”.
        - Enter personal data
        - Take a picture of the test strip with the QR code and upload the photo, wait for the SMS Tan and enter the TAN
        - send

    Self-tests on site also allow access. This test is done, for example, in front of the restaurant and only applies to this restaurant.
  • Where can you get tested in the Salzburger Saalachtal?
    You get the antigen tests for personal use (digital living room test) in your accomondation. 
  • You can also use the Teststraße Saalfelden:
    MON-FRI: 9-18 
    SAT: 9-17 
    Start the registration in advance at:, select the desired date, the acceptance station and the time and register.

  • Does the compulsory test also apply to children?
    Children up to and including the age of eleven do not have to be tested; the test result of their parents or a legal guardian applies to them. From the age of twelve, children need their own test result. School tests are also considered entry tests for children.

Gastronomy and accomodation

  • Which rules of conduct must I follow when visiting a restaurant?
    A mask is no longer required when you visit a restaurant. The 3-G rule applies (see above).
  • Which rules must I follow in the accomodation?
    In addition to the usual registration, guests must show a valid negative test result, a vaccination certificate or a confirmation of a past Covid infection. The 3-G rule also applies during the stay when using other services (e.g. breakfast, massage, ...) in the hotel.
    The rules of gastronomy apply to the catering of the guests.

Alm, Mountain and Refuge Huts

  • When will the alm and mountain huts in the Salzburger Saalachtal open?
    The almhuts in the Naturpark Weißbach:
    The Kallbrunnalm is open daily. The Litzlalm is open until the 17th of october.

    The almhuts in the Heutal Unken:
    The Hochalm (closed tuesday) is open until the 31st of october and the Wildalm (closed wednesday) is open until the 26th of october.

    The same rules of conduct apply to alm huts as to gastronomy.
  • When do the mountainhuts in the Salzburger Saalachtal open?

    The Ingolstätterhaus in the Steineren Meer, the Passauer Hütte in the Leoganger Steinberge, the Schmidt-Zabierow Hütte in the Loferer Steinberge are closed. The Neue Traunsteiner Hütte in the Reihter Steinberge is open until the 31st of october.
    The same rules of conduct apply as in gastronomy.

Leisure and Activities

  • Is the Almenwelt Lofer open?
    The Almenwelt Lofer operates until the 2nd of november on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
    You have to wear a Mouth-Nose protection mask in the cable car. A negative test is not obligatory.
    Measures Summer 2021

    The restaurant in the Almenwelt Lofer are open as follows:
    The Restaurant Soderkaser and the Restaurant Loderbichl is open until the 17 of october.
    The Kechtalm is open until teh 24th of october and closed on wednesday. The Restaurant Schönblick is already closed.
    The same rules of conduct apply as in gastronomy.
  • Are the the Salachtaler natural wonders - the Seisenbergklamm, the Vorderkaserklamm and the Lamprechtshöhle - open?
    The Seisenbergklamm, the Vorderkaserklamm and the Lamprechtshöhle are open.
    A negative test is not obligatory in the gorges. In the Lamprechtshöhle the 3G-rule applies.
  • When will the AlmErlebnisBus start running?
    The AlmErlebnisBus will be running form May, 22 till October, 16. You will find the current timetable as soon as possible here.
    You have to wear a mask. A negative test is not obligatory.
  • When will the ALMwanderTAXI start running?
    The ALMwanderTAXI will start on June, 25 and will operate until October 16. You can find the timetabel here.
    You have to wear a mask. A negative test is not obligatory.
  • When will the Regionalmuseum Kalchofengut open?
    The Kalchofengut is already closed.
  • Are the swimming pools open?
    No, the swimming pools in Lofer and Unken are closed.


  • Will events take place as planned?
    You can find all dates and information here.
    The 3-G rule applies (see above).


  • We can be reached by phone, e-mail and in person from Monday to Friday from  9am - 5pm. We are happy to answer your questions via Notify. You can find more information about Notify here.
    In addition, the information offices in Unken, St. Martin and Weißbach are available to you from Monday to Friday from 8-12am.



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