Adventure and Time Out on the Farm

How 'Farm Holidays' are captivating more and more people

A 'Farm Holiday' is like a long-desired time out but what does this type of getaway consist of; how do the businesses differ from conventional accommodation; do you have to do without on farms and what criteria should you use to choose your holiday farm? For us, it is a break from everyday life in an environment that you may not be familiar with - for the whole family, but also for peace-seeking couples, active travelers and connoisseurs. In the midst of the natural world in the Salzburger Saalachtal, adults and children can experience adventures, relax, be pampered by the hosts on the farms and recharge their batteries and energy.


Kids on the farmcowsA 'Farm Holiday' is genuine. As different as the offers at the various accommodations are, they all have one thing in common: no contrived world, just farms where proud people live and work.


Just like at  Götzbauernhof, owned by the family since 1725 and managed as an organic dairy farm according to the criteria of “back to the roots“, which spoils its guests at a 4-flower level. Or at Köstlerhof, which specializes in children and families, where holidaymakers can help (and snack) in the farm's cheese dairy. Enjoyment for all senses takes centre stage at the Hotel-Pension Wildschütz. This applies not only to regional food but also to the pampering programme in the in-house sauna.


The family-friendly organic mountain farm Migglgut has made a name for itself in recent years as a base for exploring the region and impresses not only by its location in the middle of the hiking area, but also by the variety of homemade products. Families feel particularly  well at the organic mountain farm Waltlbauer. This is due to the large number of animals and the large playground as well as the low-traffic location on sunny Mayrberg. Here children can move about freely to their hearts' content.



Why 'Farm Holiday‘?

The 'Farm Holiday' certified farms are situated in the most beautiful regions of Austria and of course this also applies to the farms in the Salzburger Saalachtal. More and more people are choosing accommodation in private rooms, holiday apartments or holiday houses on the farm and enjoying the proximity to farm life and nature. But what are the reasons for this continuing trend?


It is exciting for children to get to know all the aspects of life on a farm; to move about freely; to meet other children and animals and even to be able to help at work. What could be more exciting than feeding the animals in the barn or watching the farmer's wife make bread? While the little ones are mainly looking for action and adventure, the main motivation for adults is rest, relaxation and slowing down. Strolls over the flower meadows in the Almenwelt Lofer, a hike up in the Naturpark Weißbach and a couple of hours in between in a deckchair underneath the old pear tree.


'Farm Holiday' also stands for indulgence in its original form. The hosts proudly present their seasonal and regional specialities and are delighted when they taste delicious: smoked ham, spicy alm cheese, followed by a lemonade made from fresh mint and finally a shot of schnapps from their own distillery.  



Genuine, authentic, holiday experience in the Salzburger Saalachtal

The brand 'Farm Holiday' is a guarantee for a quality-tested stay at one of the most beautiful farms in the country. And as different as the demands and expectations of the holiday are, so too are the offers, equipment and comfort of the individual businesses different. To be sure that every guest receives what they expect from their holiday, the farms are inspected regularly every four years according to standardized criteria in the areas of farm, facilities, quality of experience and information and awarded with two (functional facilities, shower or bath and WC in the room or on the floor), three (farm with good facilities), four (very good facilities for higher standards) or five flowers (outstanding facilities for the highest standards).


Alongside these criteria there are further requirements which must be met in order to be considered an ambassador for rural life and to represent the brand. 'Farm Holiday' is about quality, not quantity. For this reason, the number of beds for any one business is limited to 50. In addition to a generally well-kept and clean appearance, all buildings must be built in the typical rural style of the region. At least three products from the farm must be offered and participation in the day to day life of the farm must be possible. These are criteria that all our 'Farm Holiday' businesses in the Salzburger Saalachtal  meet. Those of you who still believe that you have to give something up for a holiday on a farm will find out something else when you stay at one of the following farms.  


Quick Check

Are you ready for a 'Farm Holiday' in the Salzburger Saalachtal?

  • Are you looking for a break from everyday life and a place where you can recharge your batteries?
  • Do you love nature above everything else and don't want to miss out on being close to animals?
  • Do you want to have an adventure while staying in accommodation which is hard to beat for coziness and authenticity?
  • Are you a friend of genuine enjoyment and is there anything better for you than letting products melt on your tongue, knowing exactly where they come from?

If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions and have perhaps begun to daydream already, then you should definitely spend your next holiday in the Salzburger Saalachtal at one of our five, 'Farm Holiday' businesses.  

OUR CERTIFIED 'Farm HOLIDAYs" accommodation



The Köstlerhof in Unken is a typical 3-flower farm. Children love to play with the animals, to help with feeding, to peep into the dairy and to taste a sample again and again.  Situated between meadows and forests, you can spend  carefree days in the two holiday apartments. Who wouldn't want to peep over the shoulder of the farmer while he works pn the grass; feed animals together such as rabbits, ducks, hens, sheep, goats, pigs, calves and cows and gambol about on the meadow with cat and dog? And afterwards wild swimming in the Saalach. The products produced at the farm range from meat and sausage to butter, quark, cream, yoghurt, eggs and cheese, as well as sheep's wool and woolen products. 

Category: ✿✿✿

Family Lidicky

Niederland 40 | 5091 Unken

Discover the Köstlerbauer

Bauernhof Migglgut

Bauernhof Migglgut

The 3-flower Migglgut is a jewel on a gentle rise in the natural and wildly romantic Wildental in St. Martin. Thanks to its location, the farm is ideal for leisurely hikes to the natural monuments Vorderkaserklamm, Lamprecht's Cave and Seisenbergklamm. In the morning, a delicious organic breakfast of bread, eggs, butter, cheese and sausage from the farm awaits the hungry holidaymakers.

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Maria & Josef Hagn

Widental 7 | 5092 Sankt Martin

Discover the Migglgut

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