#Bucket List Winter

Oh winter, here you are!


# 1 Photograph the Teufelsteg

It's roaring and flowing down at this Top Spot; the Saalach is particularly tumultuous here. Imagine sitting in a kayak now and paddling... brrr... too wild and too cold! There's a good reason why the gorge under the bridge is called the “Teufelsschlucht“ or the “Devil's Gorge“. But if you are lucky maybe a pro will ride by and show you how it's done. Yes, even in winter, and yes, they are freezing cold.

lookout tower at Schwarzeck

# 2 Play Rapunzel

Don't worry, you don't have to let your hair down, just your eyes. Leave your skis and get a short workout on the way up the lookout tower at Schwarzeck in the Almenwelt Lofer, chattering teeth free of charge.  At the top, take in the panoramic view of the Almenwelt, the Steinberge and Heutal. Figure out which summit that is behind the jagged mountain and critically examine the technique of the other skiers.

Mountain Christmas in Maria Kirchental

# 3 Indulge around the Campfire

At the Mountain Christmas in Maria Kirchental slurp a hot chocolate and don't say no to an extra shot of rum and munch on toasted almonds around the campfire in the snow. In between, listen to a concert in the Pinzgau Cathedral and stroll among the stalls. And then, because you have been out and about for sooo long and are already really hungry, you must try the classic raclette with potatoes.


#4 Tobogganning with “Schmarrn“

Wander up to the Hochalm in Heutal and just when you secretly start to think that it cannot be much further, you get to the top! But ssssh, don't say that out loud because no one wants to be the first to admit it. At the hut you must eat the famous, notorious “Kaiserschmarrn“ pancakes so that you have the necessary weight for the sledge downhill. Then try not to miss the curves on the 3.5 km long track.

Onion Look

#5 Perfect the “Onion Look“

When you have at least 5 layers on top of each other you feel like you can't move anymore. But you don't have to go more than a few metres as a wandering yeti before the first layer comes off. When you arrive at one of the summits in the Naturpark Weißbach, you look more like a sporty ski tourer. Fortunately, the pulled muscles in the thigh are not visible. Eat a muesli bar for reinforcement and then it's a slalom downhill.

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