Family Bike Tour with E-(xtra) Power to the Wildalm

An e-mountain bike tour is fun for the whole family. Thanks to the motorized support, every push of the pedals is pure outdoor enjoyment, even for those who are less than top fit.


Happily chatting, I cycle ahead with my son and we leave Bernhard and my husband behind us. After the ascent to Innergföll I turn around and see my husband struggling up the mountain with a bright red face. “I'm going to ride on a higher setting from now on“, he announces, out of breath, and adds, “Otherwise I'll never catch you two!“

Hut break on the Wildalm

Laughing, we continue our tour and above the Moarlack we take a short break. The view of the Salzburger Saalachtal is magnificent from here. The green alpine pastures ascend gently while the craggy rockfaces of the Steinberge in the distance are a breathtaking contrast. Bernhard patiently describes the panorama and never tires of naming all of the peaks. The tour continues uphill to the beautifully situated Wildalm where the hut landlords greet us warmly. We settle down on the sun terrace and replenish our energy with a hearty snack. Even though my battery should last for a lot longer I connect my bike to the charging station at the hut and announce, “Better to be safe than sorry! I really don't want to have to ride without the help of the motor!“


Bathing fun in the cool water

After our break we jump into the saddle again to set off for the wild and romantic Unkenbachtal. High rockfaces border the stream which snakes along beside the trail. It is pleasantly shady here and we yearn to cool off after our tour. Bernhard brakes near a small, flat cove with snow-white pebbles and we gladly take off our shoes and socks. We wade through the ice-cold water up to our knees and on the small rocks on the bank we let the sun shine on our faces. My husband takes my arm proudly and says, “So my adventurer? Now that you've seen how you can conquer mountains on an e-mountain bike and even leave me behind, how about tackling a couple more tours in the Salzburger Saalachtal?“ I agree, laughing, and together with Bernhard and our son, we start to plan our next effortless e-mountain bike ride in the local area.


E-Bike Tour

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