Give the gift of warm feet!

Home-made Resin Liniment to Prevent Cold Feet

Cold feet when skiing? Absolutely not! Icy toes in ski boots can ruin the nicest days on the slopes. For all those who want to conjure up the perfect Christmas present for their loved ones, TEH practitioner Roland Pejcl reveals an old Pinzgau household remedy which protects perfectly against the cold: a resin liniment with juniper, marigold and thyme.


These herbs are also available to purchase in pharmacies or in the TEH online-shop. Resin is the wound secretion of trees which they use to cover and heal light injuries. After a short time it builds up on the bark just like a scab and small amounts can be scratched off. Bees‘ wax can be obtained directly from a bee-keeper from the middle board of the honeycomb or can be ordered via the TEH website.

200 g high-grade olive oil
50 g spruce or larch resin
5 g bees‘ wax
1 tbsp juniper wood
1 tbsp juniper berries, dried
1 tbsp marigold petals, dried
1 tbsp thyme, dried

A Matter of Stirring

High-quality olive oil is needed for the liniment which will be converted to juniper oil through cold or warm extraction, depending on the preparation time. For cold extraction the berries must be crushed in a pestle and mortar and placed in the oil with the wood and left to stand in a sunny place for six weeks.  A faster method is to use warm extraction. The olive oil with the berries and wood is warmed several times for two to three hours over three days and must be left to cool off completely in between.

The finished juniper oil should be warmed with the resin in a pan to around 50 °C until the resin has completely dissolved. Now the dried herbs are added and left to steep at a constant temperature with constant stirring.  “The stirring is important so that nothing settles down on the bottom of the pan. The liniment requires quite a lot of time and attention. Anyway, a home-made ointment is most effective when it is given to other people with love”, says Roland Pejcl laughing. After 20 minutes the mixture is sieved and the herbs removed. The bees’ wax is then dissolved in the remaining oil to produce the ideal consistency for the liniment, between cream and massage oil. The still hot oil is poured into clean glasses or jars. “However, it is very important that the containers are only sealed after they have completely cooled.” With a hand-drawn label showing the contents and date of production, the liniment is a perfect present! It looks great under the Christmas tree; is an ideal warm-up for a winter holiday and could also be given to newly engaged couples with a wink to ensure neither of them get cold feet!



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