Hiking golf

3 slightly different golf courses 

“Come on, we're off to play golf today!“ I announce happily at breakfast and receive disbelieving looks from my husband and two children in return. “Golf?“ my husband repeats and adds, “We don't have a handicap and... chasing a little white ball for hours....well I don't know if I would enjoy that! Let's go for a hike in the Salzburger Saalachtal instead.“


The ball seems to miss the hole by a hair's breadth – we let out a disappointed “Ooooh“. But then the ball turns and rolls straight into the hole with a quiet plop! The whole of the Salzburger Saalachtal probably hears our cheering and laughing, we pat Dad on the back.


From the Mud Bath to the Hay Bath

The creative obstacles surprise us once again at the next stations, which are easily reached by short, pleasant strolls. There is the “hay bath“, the “tree trunk“ or the “milk churn“: The “mud bathtub“, the “wooden ski“ or the “chicken ladder“ also provide great fun and a sporting challenge.  Every hole is perfectly integrated into the surrounding nature and the children are also becoming more competent from one stroke to the next. They perform their best thanks to cheering each other on but Dad still lies in front, not to be beaten.


Wander Golf is Addictive

At our last station I declare, “The winner has to pay for gigantic ice-creams for the whole group!“ Dad swings his golf club over his head like a light sabre and with a dark voice shouts, “The golf force is with me!“. Giggling, we putt our golf balls into the hole for the last time and Dad says, “Well, I'm the golf champion for the day and invite you all for an ice-cream. And if you have nothing against it, let's put the next course to the test tomorrow!“ The children yell their agreement and after we have returned the clubs and balls, we head off for our icy reward. “Thank goodness there are four hiking golf routes in the Salzburger Saalachtal – I think I already know what we will be doing the day after tomorrow.“

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Edith Danzer
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