“Being a Ski Instructor is the Best Job in the World“

Here to stay

According to Karl-Emil Vang Slaikjaer anyway, who has swapped the North Sea and the lowlands of Denmark for the striking mountains of the Salzburger Saalachtal.


He loves both: the sea and the expansiveness of his country; the high mountains and the picturesque alms over here. This is a contrasting programme exactly suited to the tastes of the 20-year-old who came to Lofer for the first time two years ago.


He grew up with two siblings in Blavandshuk, the westernmost point of the Danish mainland and later learned to ski in France. He came to the Salzburger Saalachtal in 2018 through acquaintances, completed a ski instructor course and now trains the youth with great enthusiasm. He praises his workplace, the Skischule Herbst, when he says, “All of us, my colleagues and the bosses, are like a big family.”  In general he feels that he is in good hands in the region. “Everyone is so nice and convivial”, he says in good German and touches on a theme which is very important to the Danes: “hygge” or cosiness and “lykke”, happiness. His Scandinavian compatriots never want to miss out on either of these. This is also a reason why Denmark is regularly one of the happiest countries in the world, according to international rankings. The young man also exudes this. “You always have to think positively”, he emphasizes, while he is served tasty “Kasnocken”, cheese dumplings, in the pan.


Along with optimism, he has brought along a touch of mythology: Odin, the nordic God, decorates his left arm as a tattoo. Of course he misses his family, 1200 km away.  He would love to share his many experiences with them: atmospheric sunrises at the Marmorsee in the Almenwelt Lofer or that very special feeling in the midst of winter's snowy splendour. He also used to be a pool attendant in the Danish North Sea resort Blavand, where his family run a large holiday park with a spa hotel and wellness centre. Now, however, he enjoys skiing and ski touring and mountain biking and hiking in the warmer months. He has found a new home in Lofer with his Dutch girlfriend, a ski instructor colleague.  However, home for him is not necessarily the place itself, but more a feeling, he says, and greets his friends who have just arrived with a cheerful, “Griaß Euch“.

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Christine Schweinöster
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