Let's Go and See the “Bergdoktor“!

“Action!“ on the Litzlalm

The beautiful Litzlalm is found high up in the Naturpark Weißbach in the Salzburger Saalachtal.  A short while ago I undertook a hike from Hirschbichl to this magnificent alpine pasture. I took the AlmErlebnisBus from the centre of Weißbach to Hirschbichl – this shortens the hiking time to the alm to 45 minutes.


In November we were standing in deep snow.... that was not necessarily planned, but we are not immune to the caprices of the weather.


At the Reithkaser you have beautiful mountain scenery – one of the main ingredients for the success of the series (in addition to the mountain doctor himself of course J )?

Hans Sigl:

Yes, of course. We are always aware of that. It's not just nice for the audience to see these landscapes,  we are happy to see these magnificent views everyday and value the opportunity to work here.  .


Who provided the catering for the crew up there?

Christian Ronning – production manager:

We always have our own catering with us. This has proven itself in recent years because we can always be flexible and when filming at night, for example, we can call everyone to lunch at 11 pm. Our colleagues cook fresh food and always have different dishes on offer so that everyone can find something suitable. 


An anecdote from the filming..?

Christian Ronning – production manager

As expected on an alm, the cows were our constant companions in summer. Because the animals are extremely nosey, one or two men were always occupied with keeping them at a distance. However, if the drinking trough was in the scene, we sometimes had to interrupt the filming so that the animals could drink. 


When could you see “Ludwig's Hut“ on television?

Anja Konen-Praxl – press spokeswoman for the production company ndF

“Uncle Ludwig“, played by the great Christian Kohlund, has been part of the family since the 11th season and lives in the hut since episode 2. In almost every episode of the season which premiered last year, there were scenes played out at the hut. We are currently shooting the 12th season of the series and can reveal that the hut and Uncle Ludwig will also appear.


“Bergdoktor“ fans are already making pilgrimages to the hut to be right on the scene. Is this a Bergdoktor natural phenomenon?

Anja Konen-Praxl – press spokeswoman for the production company ndF

This is probably not a phenomenon purely triggered by this series. This is known from other films and series as well. However, it is really great to see that the public are so enthusiastic about the landscapes shown that they want to get up from the couch and view the whole thing for real.


In this sense is Dr. Martin Gruber a valuable ambassador for tourism?

Anja Konen-Praxl – press spokeswoman for the production company ndF

Yes, but no one could have imagined to what extent more than 10 years ago when we started the series. 


What does the “Bergdoktor“ remember especially?

Hans Sigl:

When we first arrived at the hut where Uncle Ludwig was supposed to live, I was fascinated. We have already been able to shoot in many beautiful places, but the location, this view and the fantastic work with Christian Kohlund in “his“ house was, and is, something special.



You want to hike to the "Uncle Ludwigs" hut? We have the right hiking tour for you ...


Litzlalm Tour


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