Outdoor Cheese Fondue


Food for adventurers

Anyone can eat fondue at home in the dining room. Jörg and Sandra from the Oafoch Guat delicatessen in Weißbach do it differently: they make fondue outside in the snow. And you should definitely try it too.




  1. Wait for a heavenly winter day
  2. Look for a beautiful place outside in the snow
  3. Fire up the cooker, rub the inside of the pot with a crushed garlic clove and warm the fondue cheese
  4. According to taste, cook dried mushrooms, bacon cubes, herbs and vegetables with the fondue and season with pear schnapps
  5. Break the baguette into small pieces, stick onto wooden skewers, dip into the fondue and enjoy.

Make your own fondue cheese:

Bring to the boil, stirring constantly, 1/3 grated hard cheese, 1/3 grated semi-hard spicy cheese such as organic Tilsiter and 1/3 white wine. Season with garlic, salt and pepper and thicken with a little cornflour. The amount depends on the consistency of the cheese. Finish off with a dash of cream.



Oafoch Guat

At Oafoch Guat in Weißbach you can eat organic ice cream; drink coffee or refreshing homemade lemonade; buy regional delicacies such as cheese, bacon and farmers' bread and enjoy delicious meals. And: you can borrow a fondue set for your outdoor cheese fondue adventure.


Adress: Oafoch Guat, Unterweißbach 19

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