Paradise on the Doorstep

Breaktime Chat

When Bernhard Flatscher has a little time for himself, he loves to spend it in the saddle of his moutainbike. The diverse mountain world of the Salzburger Saalachtal beckons the “Friedlwirt“ from Unken again and again – sometimes just to meditate in a particularly beautiful place.


“When you turn the corner near us it is as though you are in a small world of your own“, says Bernhard. We meet the “Friedlwirt“ on a sunny day in early summer.  On the doorstep of the lovely guesthouse and hotel bees buzz, birds sing and the water murmurs over two little waterfalls near the house. Bernhard leans back on the bench in the cosy  guest area and looks out of the window smiling. Even as a child he preferred to be out and about outside, he says, and enjoyed the natural world. “I always did lots of sport“, explains Bernhard. “I especially like cycling. I simply go out of the front door, get on my bike and set off. It's great“, laughs Bernhard. He runs the Friedlwirt with his wife Monika which he took over from his father. In 2019 he has expanded the business with 14 appartments and a wellness area and the eleven rooms in the main building have been renovated. Bernhard is the 5th generation to run the guesthouse which is situated at the end of the public road.  “Beyond us there are only forestry trails. That what's make this place so attractive“, smiles Bernhard.


Yoga and homemade cakes for the soul

To stretch the muscles after the bike tour, to give the mind a chance to rest or as an alternative to cycling, Monika offers yoga sessions – either in the new yoga room at the Friedlwirt or outside in the nature, in the open air. After a rewarding yoga session or a sporty bike tour, the guests fortify themselves with coffee, homemade cakes or Monika's homemade elder and mint syrup.


“I often ride up the mountain and simply meditate“

Bernhard loves the many faces of his homeland, but there are a couple of places that especially move him. “I really like the Unkenbach valley“, Bernhard tells us and beams.  “It is so diverse and even on a sunny day like today there are very few people. It feels almost as though you are completely alone because the valley is so expansive. I find that really attractive“. The Schwarzeck mountain peak in the Almenwelt Lofer at 1565 metres is also one of Bernhard's favourite destinations. “I like to ride up there in the evening when the sun is beginning to set“, explains Bernhard. “Then I return home via the Unkenberg. When I am in good form, I can do this in two hours.“


Out of the front door, into the nature

Bernhard likes the sporty aspects of the mountainbike but it isn't just that which motivates him. “Often I simply ride up the mountain, settle down in a beautiful little place and meditate a little“, says Bernhard, “because it is so peaceful up there“.  He has been out and about with guests as a bike guide in his homeland for the last ten years. “I really love it – otherwise there would be no point to it“, says Bernhard, “and it is really great that I can go out of the front door with my guests and am outside in the middle of nature. It is simply wonderful.“ 



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