Sledge Ride in Heutal

Ready, steady, sledge!

An excursion to the Hochalm natural toboggan run in Heutal is fun on runners for the whole family!



We decide on the large pan of cheese gnocchi and when the cast iron skillet arrives on the middle of the table, Dad shouts, “Ready, steady, grab your spoons!” Each of us pick a side from which to attack the cheese gnocchi, with our dinner sometimes descending into a real fight over each of our Kasnocken patches. We do a lot of laughing and end up polishing off the entire pan, including the delicious crust on the bottom.


A little something sweet to finish off is an absolute must before our toboggan race, so we order fluffy Kaiserschmarrn pancakes with apple sauce and choose some of Paula’s home-made pastries, including a quark strudel with a vanilla sauce and delicious apple pie.Grandpa and Dad treat themselves to a tipple of rowan berry schnapps to round off our delicious dinner, protesting that “it’s good for a full stomach and means we’ll be in the right ‘curving spirit’ during our race”.


The quest for the fastest time

We grab our sledges, which we had leaned up against the wall of the chalet when we arrived, and line up at the entrance to the 3.5-kilometre natural toboggan run. I make sure that none of us are positioned past the starting line and give the command, “Ready, steady, sledge!” After a few swift kicks with the legs, my sledge gets going and we head for the curve at speed. Just as I had already rehearsed it in my mind, I quickly stick my leg into the snow to steer and then it’s quickly onto the next straight. A quick glance over my shoulder shows my pursuers have already dropped back and are fighting to maintain their position a little further back.


Curve by curve, the snow around us turns to powder, and of course I return triumphantly to the car park as the winner. A full 30 seconds faster than the previous day, and Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa all finished a long way behind me, albeit with a smile. Mum and dad had apparently challenged each other, resulting in a leap into the deep snow, because they both look like living snowmen. Laughing, we tell each other about our runs and decide to hike back to Hochalm tomorrow. On the one hand there is still the chalet bread we saw on the menu, which we really want to try, and on the other hand, I’m sure I can shave off another few seconds from today’s toboggan personal best!

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