Water and Sound Seisenbergklamm

The eventful night walk in the Salzburger Land

A mystical torch-lit walk for the whole family: an evening excursion in the Seisenbergklamm accompanied by traditional melodies performed on brass instruments.


This combination has allowed special vegetation to thrive which resembles a dark green jungle. We contemplate some of the rare plants with astonishment as our guide also points out the unique potholes, “These circular potholes in the hard rock have been flushed out over thousands of years by the unrestrained power of the water.” 


Where the ‘Gorge Spirit’ rumbles 

After the first part of the walk, the rock walls appear to creep even closer together; the water rages even louder and we enter the ‘Dark Gorge’. In this section I have to pull my head and shoulders in so that I can pass through the narrow rock passages. I can really see why the lumberjacks in the past attributed the wild rumbling to a spirit. The Naturpark guide enjoys telling us the legend of the Gorge Spirit that sprang up many years ago. “In those days the lumberjacks were actually fearless but there always seemed to be voices among the rumbling and raging of the water. They heard ‘Holt’s mi aussa’ – or ‘Get me out!’ coming from the roaring water and caught sight of a spooky and unusual tree root.  The young men tried in vain to free this root with their poles. It was only after the next storm that the pressure of the water finally delivered this monstrosity to the village where the priest sprinkled it with holy water. A worker was supposed to divide up the root but the wood was simply too hard. The next day the root had suddenly disappeared and that meant the priest had released the Root Spirit.”


I notice that the group are preoccupied with thoughts of the Gorge Spirit and the courageous workers on the rest of the way through the ‘Dark Gorge’ as they remain silent for the next few minutes. After we emerge from between the narrow rock walls into the dusky evening light the gorge becomes softer and idyllic. At the highest point of the gorge we stop for a rest and the children’s eyes light up as the guides unpack the torches from their rucksacks, give them out and light them. 


Sparkling children’s eyes in the Seisenbergklamm

Meanwhile night has fallen on the Seisenbergklamm and bathed in the warm glow of the torches we go back between the rock faces. Even though we were here only a few minutes ago the light of the torches brings a new perspective to the gorge. Slowly and carefully we step back into the ‘Dark Gorge’ where the musicians with their brass instruments have already arrived. The water appears to rage even more angrily in the darkness and we hear the noise of the rocks far beneath us. The musicians immerse the scenery in a mysterious ensemble of sound and light. The melodies rebel gently against the powerful hissing of the water. The weak firelight of our torches illuminates the surroundings perfectly. “I have goose bumps!“ says someone near me and I can only nod in agreement. Our eyes and ears cannot get enough of this. Reluctantly and slowly we set off again and follow the musicians back to our starting point. 


On my way back to the car I still have this picture in my head: sparkling children’s eyes, the fascinated gazes of the adults, warm torchlight and haunting melodies which echo off the craggy rock faces. “I think I will have to visit the Gorge Spirit again next year”, I promise, smiling to myself. 

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Edith Danzer
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