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We are finally here! We’ve parked the car after the long journey and we breathe in the clear mountain air. The sky smiles blue over the Salzburger Saalachtal and the white sparkling mountain peaks seem to be near enough to touch in the ice-cold air. The family accommodation we have chosen for our holiday is situated right in the middle of a true winter paradise. Our little one is still sleeping blissfully in the car seat, but the two boys are already clambering curiously out of the car. Our family holiday in the Salzburger Saalachtal can begin at last.  

A Lightning Start to the Adventure

The children stretch, yawn and blink away the tiredness from the car journey. “Man, that was bor….“ the complaints about the journey remain stuck in their throats when a gang of children cheerfully storms past them. I look at my boys invitingly and say, “Come on, you two! You look like you could do with a little adventure after sitting still for so long. The other children are building a snowman – you can help straightaway!“ We put hats and gloves on the pair of them quickly and soon they are rushing around with the pack of children. “I think we’ve heard the word boring for the last time this holiday“, my husband laughs and with the little one in my arms we go to check in at the reception.

Welcome to the Family Specialists

“We’ll have your bags brought straight up to your family room – you can make yourself comfortable and enjoy a coffee!“ The weather forecast for the coming days promises perfect winter weather and I start to imagine our boys making their first turns in the snow in the Almenwelt Lofer. The ski area is very open and offers enough easy beginner pistes for our mini skiers. I’m also looking forward to hiring skis again after having children and carving a couple of turns in the powder snow. Now the boys return, glowing with joy and with red cheeks from their snowball fight. We move into our spacious family room and freshen up for our evening meal as our stomachs are already starting to rumble.

Dining like Kings

In the restaurant of the hotel we are expected and the friendly lady from service shows us to the table prepared for us. Naturally a high chair is already at the table for our daughter and relaxed, we begin the first family dinner of our holiday. The waiter jokes with the boys, who have already coloured in their colouring tablesets with the coloured pencils provided for them and the children’s menu is served super fast. A bottle warmer stands on the table for the little one and her baby food is warmed up in the kitchen.

“Would you like a second helping of ice-cream?“ asks our waiter and the boys whoop with joy. My husband leans back with pleasure after the meal and says, “Somehow I feel like a king when I am spoiled like this here“. We agree, laughing and think about what the “royal“ family should do the next day. We definitely want to begin the holiday all together and decide on a family ride up to the Almenwelt Lofer.

Kings on the Alm

We sway leisurely in the gondola right up to the middle of the family-friendly Almenwelt Lofer ski area. The snow glistens and all around we see the laughing faces of happy skiers. While I make myself comfortable in a rustic ski hut with the little one, the boys start their first ski day in the children’s land: over a cup of hot chocolate we watch the tiny skiers in the children’s ski school and wave to Dad who hands the boys over to the ski instructor. “After the course, I’ll pick you up and we’ll build a gigantic snowman together“, he promises them. After refreshments at the hut, we set about this task with great enthusiasm.

Quiet Time Out as a Couple

Back at the hotel, the boys join in with the bunch of little rascals in the play corner. The babysitter we have booked waits for us at reception. She takes the little one from us and winks cheerfully at us, “Have a relaxing afternoon, your children are in good hands with me. That’s your bonus as part of the family specialists’ premium programme.“ We don’t need to be told twice and head off to a quiet corner of the wellness area where we enjoy the peaceful time together, which we don’t get enough of in everyday life. “We made the perfect choice with the family specialists in the Salzburger Saalachtal! Our children are happy and so are we!“ we both agree.

The Family Specialists in the Salzburger Saalachtal …

  • … are tested and certified family accommodation and restaurant businesses.
  • … offer large and spacious family rooms with childproof electrical sockets, footstools in the bathroom and blackout curtains in the children’s rooms.
  • … offer a baby packet for small children to borrow free of charge: baby phone, bottle warmer, child WC seat, changing mat, nappy pot, baby bath with thermometer.
  • … the premium specialists offer baby buggies, prams, back and front carriers to borrow. A babysitting service is available for a fee.
  • … fulfill special criteria for family requirements.
  • … are perfectly equipped for a family holiday.
  • … receive the quality seal “Premium“, if they meet further criteria.
  • … are bookable in all categories – from bed and breakfast to holiday apartment to hotel.

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