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Playgrounds by the Water

The Salzburger Saalachtal offers exceptional bouldering locations - there are fantastic limestone boulders for every ability level.

Boulder Area Fuchsloch & Pass Luftenstein

This fine boulder area is situated along the Saalach at Pass Luftenstein in St. Martin.  The defined boulder starting points are mostly recognizable. The area is ideal for hot summer days since the boulders are found in the forest and on the bank of the Saalach. Please do not use steel brushes here.

  • Position: glorious, along the Saalach
  • Rock: limestone
  • Height: ca. 5 m
  • Number of crags: ca. 15
  • Number of boulders: 47
  • Difficulty: 5b to 8b
  • Parking:  over the bridge to Strohwoll, then after ca. 150 m parking area on the right hand side.

Topo Fuchsloch

Boulder Area Ferienwiese

This boulder area is spread out around the camping place of the Ferienwiese Weißbach and offers fantastic blocks, especially for moderate boulderers. Mainly in the shade under large trees – ideal for hot summer days.  


  • Position: very pleasantly situated under shady trees
  • Rock:  limestone
  • Height ca. 3 m
  • Number of boulders: 17
  • Difficulty: 3 to7a

Boulder Area Achberg   

A small boulder mecca with numerous boulders is situated in the area of Achberg in an old quarry.

  • Position: old quarry
  • Rock: limestone
  • Height: ca. 3 m
  • Number of boulders:  over 50
  • Parking: Alpenbad Unken, 5 minutes to reach the boulder area on an old climb, beginning behind a little bench
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