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Via Ferratas in the Salzburger Saalachtal

On Nine Iron Paths to the Peaks

6 via ferratas of all difficulties await you in the Salzburger Saalachtal. 3 via ferratas are found in the mountain climbers' village of Weißbach in the valley. Two routes as well as a climbing school are found in the Loferer Steinberge and one is situated in the Reiter Steinberge. You can choose the ideal route of a suitable difficulty level depending on your own experience and stamina.  



Zahme Gams, Weiße Gams & Wilde Gams

The 3 Gämse (chamois) make up the trio of via ferratas in the mountain climbers' village of Weißbach. The beginners' via ferrata „Zahme Gams“(difficulty B-C) gives you a taste for the sport. The „Weiße Gams“, (difficulty D), requires more ability while the „Wilde Gams“ (difficulty E-F) is only suitable for via ferrata experts. It is one of the most difficult routes in the whole of Austria.


Zahme Gams Topo Weiße Gams Topo wilde Gams


Nackter Hund and Wilder Hund

The high alpine via ferratas Nackter Hund and Wilder Hund  are found in the Loferer Steinberge. They are graded difficulty D and require good physical fitness.


Topo Nackter Hund Topo Wilder Hund


Climbing School

There is a training area for beginners near the Schmidt-Zabierow Hut with three short via ferratas from difficulty A  up to E. In addition there is also an exciting ropeway offering a real thrill in the Steinberge.


Topo Climbing School



The via ferrata Wagendrischlhorn is found in the Reiter Steinberge. To reach the via ferrata an ascent of around 1000 m awaits but then you will be rewarded with a short via ferrata (difficulty B/C) and first class visibility far into the distance.  


Tour Description Wagendrischlhorn


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