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E-Mountain Bike: uphill with a tailwind 

The mountains lie at your Feet

One of the best investions since the bicycle is, without doubt, the electric mountain bike.  With comparatively little effort you reach the mountains quickly and can enjoy the stunning natural landscape. The special feature of an e-mountain bike is that each person can decide for themselves with which power setting they tackle the mountain and how much of their own energy will be required. 

E-Mountain Bike Hire – regional Bike Shops

Leave your bike at home – in the Salzburger Saalachtal there is a selection of rental shops and businesses as well as bike-dealers where you can hire e-bikes and trailers. At each of the hire points the features of the e-mountain bike will be explained so that you can discover the area with your friends and family without complications.



All e-bike hire stations at a glance


E-Mountain Bike Tours

All bike tours in the Salzburger Saalachtal are accessible by mountain or e-mountain bike. You can obtain a bike-map of the area with all bike tours marked from your host or in the Tourist Office.





Recharging Stations for Your E-bike

To ensure you never run out of power on your tour, the Salzburger Saalachtal offers a good network of recharging stations for e-bikes, both in the mountains and in the valley.  The stations are situated at popular destinations and at rest points, where both you and your bike can enjoy a break while recharging your batteries.  A smart charging-cable ensures an easy connection between the e-bike and the recharging station. 


Guided Tours

For those of you out and about on the e-bike for the first time, we recommend a guided e-bike tour with one of our bike guides. They will show you how to ride the e-bike correctly so that you are safe both on ascents and descents.

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