Family Highlights 

Salzburger Saalachtal

Would you like to enjoy really great, unforgettable holidays with the whole family again? In that case, you are in the perfect place in the Salzburger Saalachtal with all of its offers and attractions for young and old alike. Here are our Top 10.


The "Gams Kitz" and the „Zahme Gams“ is ideal for families and children. This fantastic via ferratas are perfect for beginners and  reveals how fascinating this sport can be for young and old alike.


4 The Saalachtaler Forces of Nature

At the foot of the Loferer- and the Leoganger- Steinberge and in the off-shoots of the Steinernes Meer, nature has created natural monuments over the course of time. The beauty and the incredible power of these natural wonders can hardly be surpassed and together they make up the Saalachtaler Forces of Nature.

In the last ice age, the Ödenbach between St. Martin and Weißbach carved deep into the rock  creating the 400 m long and 80 m deep  Vorderkaserklamm. The exciting path through this natural spectacle passes over 51 walkways and 35 stairways. The natural bathing area Vorderkaser is situated in front of the gorge. This is an ideal destination for a family excursion with its iridescent bathing ponds.

The  Lamprechtshöhle is one of the largest caves in Europe and with its 51 km expanse is the largest passage cave in the world. One part of the cave is open to the public and easily accessed. Here you can wander around 700 meters inside the mountain. This is an unforgettable experience even in bad weather.

In the same way, the  Seisenbergklamm in Weißbach bei Lofer came into being at the end of the last ice age. Due to its position at the foot of the „Naturpark Weißbach“, a visit to the gorge, which lasts approximately 1 hour, is an ideal starting point for several hikes.  Guided tours with the Gorge Spirit are an unforgettable experience, particularly for families with children.

The Saalachtal Forces of Nature are only 2 km apart from each other and guarantee adventure, fun and excitement for the whole family. They can be reached easily via the Bundesstraße 311 and the Tauern Cycle Path.




8 The Summer Children's Programme

Every summer the Salzburger Saalachtal revolves around children and their fun! From treasure hunts,  to a Native American festival to climbing – there is guaranteed to be something for every taste in our children's programme. After all, the summer holidays should be unforgettable. Have you ever been canyoning in the Seisenbergklamm or met new friends at a games' evening? No? Then the  children's programme from the beginning of July to the end of August is ideal for you.


9 In the White-Water of the Saalach

The rapids and whirlpools of the Saalach in the Salzburger Saalachtal are world-famous and make this section of the river one of the best and most notorious white-water stretches in the world. It isn't just professionals who can experience an unforgettable adventure here.  Even children and families will have all sorts of amazing experiences in the Saalach. Special beginner and family rafting tours introduce you slowly  and safely with expert  instruction to the world of  White Water. If you are really bitten by the white water bug, then you will definitely want to come back. 


10 The Loferer Steinberge

Anyone who has ever visited the Salzburger Saalachtal knows the imposing and impressive view up to the  Loferer Steinberge. In fact, anyone with sufficient mountain experience and fitness, really must visit these mountains at least once. A particularly beautiful and rewarding destination is the Schmidt-Zabierow Hut at just under 2000 metres above sea-level on the edge of the Großer WehrGrube. A climbing practice area is situated directly next to the hut where you can let off steam.



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