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When the Sun doesn't shine

Bad weather adventures in the Salzburger Saalachtal

Although it is difficult to believe, the sun doesn't shine in the Salzburger Saalachtal every day of the year and sometimes a couple of raindrops fall from the sky. But worry not – even in bad weather, you can enjoy active days in the local area and marvel at nature from a completely new, unique persepective. How about a hike through the wet forest as a water researcher or a discovery journey inside the mountain? Or perhaps you fancy an adventure for the whole family in the white water of the Saalach? Yes? Fantastic, then you are in exactly the right place here.


Bad weather can really spoil a holiday and thwart the best-laid plans. One thing which we really don't need during the few days which should be the best of the year, is a weather god which doesn't match up to our expectations. But here, situated in the heart of Pinzgau and the border triangle between Salzburg, Tyrol and Germany, there is so much to experience, even when things don't go to plan and the sun is hidden behind some cloud or other.



Adventure in the Lamprechtshöhle

If you should happen to crave a little dryness and a roof over your head, then head off inside the mountain. Yes, you have read that correctly, off inside the mountain! The Lamprechts cave in St. Martin bei Lofer is the longest passage cave through which water flows in the world. With a total extent of 35 km, it is one of the largest cave systems in Europe.  A part of the cave has been made easily accessible to visitors and provided with electrical illumination. The safe paths, steps and walkways lead  around 600 metres inside the cave, letting every visitor feel as though they are cave explorers.  Inside the cave, you cross through several tunnels and visits the great hall, whose expanse you certainly do not expect to see underground.  For those who are gripped by cave fever and would like to visit the „Researcher“ part of the cave, there is the opportunity to participate in a special tour far inside and upwards in the mountain.

Murmis Kinderland
Fun and games for children on a total area of 1200m2.
White Water
Into the ‚White Water’

Word has already got around far over the border, that the Saalach in the Salzburger Saalachtal isn't just a perfect adventure playground in good weather for extreme sportspeople but also offers really exciting days for the whole family. Whether rafting, canyoning, tubing or wild swimming,  here you will  definitely find your long yearned for adventure.  Always on-hand are the guides from the Motion Centre and the Base Camp in Lofer, who make sure that not only fun but also water safety don't come up too short. But one thing is certainly true: why should a couple of raindrops hold us back when so much excitement in the sparkling water of the Saalach awaits. And you will certainly get a little wet in any case.

Naturpark Weißbach
Rain Hike in the Naturpark Weißbach

Two things, which at first glance don't seem to go together at all, are rain and hiking. The idea that the weather must be at least dry and the weather forecast promising in order to go out in nature is too deeply rooted in our minds. However we can only experience how wonderful the forest is after heavy summer rain and how the water droplets on the trees and leaves shimmer in an almost surreal light, when we venture forth outdoors in less than perfect weather. We can experience exactly this in the Salzburger Saalachtal, if we strike out in the Naturpark Weißbach, together with a Naturpark guide, as a forest detective or a water researcher on the trail of animals, water and plants in the forest habitat. A further highlight on rainy days is a visit to the Vorderkaserklamm and the Seisenbergklamm. Even though it is difficult to believe, these gorges are even more impressive on bad weather days than in sunshine.

A visit at the Kalchofengut

Or find out something about the story of the Pinzgau instead? In this case the Regional Museum Kalchofengut in Unken is worth a visit. Every friday the museum opens it doors for a guided tour through the farmhouse, which was built in 1300 and the only Streckhof remaining in Middle Pinzgau which has been preserved in its original condition. Every room in the farmhouse is dedicated to a certain topic for example the Unken Room where local traditions and costume are described. Hearing so much interesting stories of the different topic rooms and exhibits it doesn't matter how the weather is outside.



Whether you fancy a bit of wet, fresh air of the forest, or would rather look around inside the mountain, visit an old farmhouse or experience a big adventure in the „ White Water“ of the Saalach, even when the sun doesn't shine, the Salzburger Saalachtal is never boring. An old proverb hits the nail on the head here: there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing.

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