Top Spot Unkenberger Mähder

The Highest Top Spot in Unken

The Unkenberger Mähder isn't just one of the highest Top Spots in the Salzburger Saalachtal – it is also one of the most beautiful. In the new and unique wooden armchairs, made by the local artist Martin Leitinger, you can take a break on a hike or e-bike tour up to the Almenwelt Lofer; relax   and  be at peace. Not far away cows lie peacefully in the shade; bees buzz happily over the flower meadow and birds play, high above in the wind. Sport climbers climb towards the summit on the nearby Sonntagshorn and from some places you can spot the Saalach down in the valley.


How you get to the top spot Unkenberger Mähder ...

It really is a very special little place in the middle of the traditional alm huts. Away from the hectic pace of everyday life and far away from all the hustle and bustle, time loses its meaning here.  The Top Spot can be reached either on foot or by (e)-bike. Both begin in Unken and continue to the Almenwelt Lofer via the Top Spot and finally to the Marmorsee, the Red Marble Lake.  While you need around 1.5 hours to walk here, you can reach the Unkenberger Mähder in around half an hour by bike. Nevertheless, you should definitely take a break here at this dream place and let the special energy of the Unkenberger Mähder work its magic on you.



Diese Touren führen Euch zum Logenplatz Unkenberger Mähder ...

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