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Canoeing and Kayaking on the  Saalach

Adrenaline kicks in the cooling water

The Salzburger Saalachtal is the perfect place for adventurers. Deep ditches and hollows as well as narrow canyons and gorges make the Saalach one of the most spectacular white water courses in Europe.

The Saalach offers ideal conditions for canoeists and kayakers in all performance classes. Beginners can practise on the upper Saalach in a beautiful forested valley.  The experienced can prove their ability in the Teufelsschlucht, in the St-Martin-Schlucht or on the Slalom Course which begins with the legendary Hubertuswalze. It is no surprise then that the Salzburger Saalachtal is the location for several white water competitions.



Kayak Courses from our  Outdoor Providers

We recommend a kajak course for beginners from our outdoor provides Motion Center and Base Camp. They are the absolute experts here and have many years of kayaking experience and will instruct you for your white water adventure on the Saalach.


Saalachcam Teufelssteg Lofer


River Information Saalach

Upper Saalach
17 km WW I, Bridge Saalfelden/Lenzing to bridge St. Martin/Weißbach.

The upper Saalach is the easiest section of the Saalach. It is ideal for beginners and is accessible practically the whole year. Easy rapids and counter currents in a beautiful forested valley.


Gorge St. Martin
3,5 km WW III (III+), Bridge St. Martin/Weißbach to Hubertussteg Lofer.

Great practice course,  with many boulders at the beginning and technical because of the water discharge. The key passage, the „Corkscrew“, can reach grade 4 depending on the water level.  After the feed line to the hydroelectric power station, the water becomes significantly more powerful. There is a weir at. Pass Luftenstein.


Slalom Course
500 m WW III-IV, Hubertussteg to Teufelssteg.

The legendary Hubertuswalze awaits right at the beginning. This is the setting for several kayak rodeos.  The slalom course, with its great counter currents and different lines, is ideal to improve your technique. Climb out of the water at the finish curve or at the Teufelssteg and walk back up the path for another go.


3 km WW IV-V (V+), Teufelssteg to the bridge at Au.

The white water technical highlight of the Saalach. 3 km white water non-stop – extremely difficult!


Be aware of life-threatening siphons. Caution: danger to life!  Take note of all current river information.


Lower Saalach
15 km WW II (III), Bridge Au to wooden bridge Fronau.

Very popular and rewarding white water stretch for experts.  On the way to Unken (5 km, good opportunities to disembark) more bouldered rapids.  After Unken, the route becomes much easier, but still interesting and surrounded by a marvellous landscape. 

Exciting Tributary Streams

6 km WW III-IV, Bridge Loferer Bundesstraße to the outlet

A great overture to the Saalach which is a complete delight in its own right.  Good opportunity to warm up until the first weir (take care!) After this, the Loferbach becomes lively with considerable drops which require quick reactions. Be careful of dangerous tree obstacles. Either disembark at the small hydroelectric station at the entrance to the village of Lofer or continue on to the outlet of the stream (two weirs in the village).


40 cm - 80 cm ideal for the Hubertuswalze. Because the curve is mechanically generated and is not verified, it is necessary to check further sources of information before accessing this section. no liability for incorrect water level data and the reference level values for the low/middle and high water marks.


The visualized data are row data and checked neither for completeness nor validity. Verification can only be made by the Hochwassernachrichtendienst

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