Top Spot Teufelssteg 

Vantage Point on the Saalach near the Village

Every step over the bridge opens up new perpectives and the lively hustle and bustle of the water dippers can often been seen. There is a fantastic walking path along the watercourse on both sides of the Saalach which leads downstream to Bairau and is popular for rambling or running. Again and again summer athletes in their colourful kajaks bend through the narrow twists and turns of the Saalach and from the bridge you can marvel at their skilled dance in the notorious waves of the slalom course.


Workplace of the Wood Drifters

For many years this narrow curve on the Saalach was the workplace of the wood drifters who carried out their dangerous work with long drift poles along the bank. The river served as transport for logs felled in the mountains and the water carried the wood down to the saltworks in Reichenhall. From the walkways and banks, the drifters used the long poles to make sure that the logs didn't become wedged and pile up. More than a few drifters lost their lives in this way.


WINTERhiking tour teufelssteg


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