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Summer on a Plate

Vitamins and Fibre for the Bikini Body 2.0

In summer, you don't need a calorie bomb on a plate anymore (for the bikini body etc, you know that). So we make a good salad, not just a couple of miserable lettuce leaves,  but jazzed up with roast apricots and a salty-sweet homemade ciabata with spread, because you have to be satisfied somehow or other. And yes, in the afternoon at coffee time, you can also have a tiny piece of delicious apple pie with a mini portion of vanilla ice-cream.



You will need

•      6 ripe apricots

•      1 tbsp olive oil

•      1 tsp coconut blossom sugar

•      pea pods as desired

•      a handful of each of

•      rucola

•      chard

•      beetroot leaves

•      marinade made from olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pinch of each of coconut blossom sugar, sea salt and      milled pepper

•      pink pepper to sprinkle on top

•      1 mozzarella


This is how:

And off you go: wash and halve the apricots, remove the stones and coat with olive oil and coconut blossom sugar. Blanche the pea pods in boiling water. Prepare the marinade with the listed ingredients and season to taste. Pull the salad leaves through the marinade and place on a plate. Sear the apricots in a pan until they colour slightly. Place on the salad with the mozzarella. 



”Food should make you happy and do you good -
and that's exactly the reason why we love our work”
... Carolina and Carina agree on this.

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