Hungary’s “Piroschka“ Loves Lofer

Here to stay

Her charm and refreshing spontaneity are immediately reminiscent of the star in the classic film of the 50s, “I often think of Piroschka”. Melinda Meszaros doesn’t have two plaits but she does have the same natural ease. And she has arrived where she always wanted to be: in the mountains. “Budapest is beautiful”, she says about her home. “But this strip of land in Pinzgau has everything I could possibly want: nature in its sensational diversity, authentic life, warmhearted people”, she lists. So how did you come to completely overturn her life?

She worked for a large bank as a trained economist. Her American husband from Texas – Kevin – also worked for an international business. Both loved walking and mountain climbing and loved to come on holiday to Austria. “Why not move to the Alpine Republic?” This idea became more and more persistent. And one day on the internet she discovered the sale of the bed and breakfast “Haus Patricia” in Lofer. “But please, where is Lofer”, they asked themselves and were delighted when they took a closer look in the digital world at this lovely village with its historic houses. After the purchase of the house in 2014, they became alpine landlords – body and soul. Melinda Meszaros plants fruit and vegetables and serves her guests with homemade jam and elderflower syrup.

In winter, she dives into the glistening world of snow and ice crystals in her spare tie. Then it’s time for skiing, cross-country skiing, ice-skating or a tobogganing party. “We are delighted that we have been so warmly welcomed in Lofer,” says Melinda who, together with Kevin, actively works for the common good. The pair have taken over the care of the “Kalvarienberg”. After a hard winter, benches and tables have to be repaired. Then every Sunday, Kevin collects the rubbish that has gathered in the large car park in Lofer. His Hungarian wife is also there when the tourist office works on new strategies with the landlords. Her parents are in Budapest, which is a downside of course. “But they come to us twice a year”, explains the graceful lady. Naturally, she also misses her friends in Hungary. “But other than that, nothing”, she says in good German and shows her happy “Piroschka” smile again.

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