Top Spots 

top spots in the Salzburger Saalachtal …

…are those places where we can enjoy and witness at first hand the spectacle of nature in all its rich variety from the best seats in the house: sun-kissed, far from any distractions but still right in the middle of the action.

Have you ever experienced the raging and unrestrained power of a waterfall up close? Or have you sat hand-in-hand on a mountain summit and experienced the sunset in all its intense colours? Has the beauty of a mountain range reflected in a mountain lake taken your breath away? Have you discovered a glade in the forest to which you want to return again and again or are there other places where you sense a particular energy and move you in a magical way? Then you will understand what we mean when we talk about our top spots.

The Salzburger Saalachtal is truly blessed with wonderful top spots. You can find them down in the valley; up on the alms; in the depths of the forest; on the banks of the rushing streams and of course right up on the peaks of the mountains.

Those of you who find water irresistible will find your top spots in the gorges; along the white water of the Saalach; maybe leaping into the Red Marble Lake (Roter Marmorsee) and most definitely on the romantic Waterfall Trail. Top spots for hikers are mainly found in the Naturpark Weißbach, in the idyllic Heutal and of course in the Almenwelt Lofer, where you share these top spots with children, the young at heart and families as well as e-mountain bikers.  

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