St. Martin

The Paradise by the Rushing Stream

Guests have always found rest and relaxation in St. Martin bei Lofer. There, where hospitality and functioning village life is of the utmost importance, you experience a sensation of complete wellbeing. Rushing streams, decorated farmhouses and the many cosy guesthouses as well as the surrounding mountain world are just some of the things which contribute to its unique charm. In winter you can enjoy a relaxing holiday not far from the Almenwelt Lofer; stroll through the deep snowy landscape; ski on the diverse cross-country trails or hike to the pilgrimage church Maria Kirchental for a toboggan ride back. This valley, up above the village, is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Austria and is an inviting place for a visit in summer as well. In the same way, the fame and popularity of Grubhof reaches way beyond the borders of the region. Situated directly on the Saalach and blessed with a view towards the imposing mass of the Loferer Steinberge, you can spend wonderful days here in this holiday paradise which has been repeatedly honoured as one of the best campsites in Europe, with good reason. On hot days, the nearby natural bathing area Vorderkaser is a huge draw with its cool bathing lakes and play facilities for the whole family. Who is the captain of one of the wooden rafts? Who can build the tallest cairn on a gravel bank in the middle of the river? Who dares to leap into the cold water? Who dares to leap into the cold water? On a short walk along the valley, you learn about the Stone Age and visit one of the most beautiful natural monuments in the Salzburger Saalachtal, the Vorderkaserklamm. Also very impressive and another of these natural monuments, not dependent on weather, is the Lamprecht’s Cave, situated not far from the entry to the gorge. With its 35 km of passages it is the longest through cave system in the world and a tour with one of the guides lets you immerse yourself in a completely different world.

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