On Silent Soles through the Salzburger Saalachtal

For those of you who wish to leave the groomed winter hiking trails in the Salzburger Saalachtal and wander off where the snow-covered valley is untouched, simply clip on snowshoes underneath your winter boots and take a couple of poles with you. No previous knowledge is required for snowshoeing, so you can start straight away. On a snowshoe tour, you will roam across the deep snow-covered winter landscape and climb up to idyllically situatied alms and panorama peaks. You wil have an unparalled view of the dreamlike, almost kitschy, winter world, at the same time getting your whole body going. Hardly any other winter sport offers the opportunity to observe the untouched landscape of the Salzburger Saalachtal so closely.

Snowshoes on and let’s go

Leisurely or a bit more challenging, in the valley or uphill, in our interactive card you will definitively find your appropriate snowshoe tour:

The appropriate equipment for your own snowshoe tour

You can rent or buy your snowshoes and poles at the ski rental shops in the region.

Guided snowshoe tours

Would you like to do a guided snowshoe hike? Then you can book selected programs directly online via lofer.com/shop. The guided programme is in german only. You can get more detailed information and other options directly at our outdoor providers on site.

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