Hiking and Mountain Climbing

Imposing Gorges, picturesque Alms and proud Mountain Peaks

High looming, craggy limestone towers, in some places bizarrely pierced by torrential mountain water, surrounded by lush green alpine meadows as though they were a protective coat – so breathtakingly beautiful is the Salzburger Saalachtal, member of ” Österreich’s Wanderdörfer“.

There are more than 400 km of marked hiking paths on the forested slopes, the craggy peaks and in the gorges of the Reiter, Leoganger and  Loferer Steinberge. The marked hiking routes in Heutal and the Almenwelt Lofer, which you can visit with our Salzburger Saalachtal Card for free, not only lead to breathtaking vantage points and to the centre of the fascinating alpine habitat for plants and animals, but also to traditional alm huts, which offer the hungry hiker delicious regional specialities. An exciting journey through the diverse flora and fauna of the region can be comfortably undertaken on foot. You can also make a stop at a gorge or one of the many mountain lakes and waters of the Salzburger Saalachtal and allow you a little cooling. The duration and the degree of difficulty of the hike determines yours. A selection of different variants incl. Further details we have provided for you in the Tour Portal. Please note the general rules for hiking in austria.

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