Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride

The Romantic Winter Experience

A horse-drawn sleigh ride through the Salzburger Saalachtal is a particularly special excursion.

Once you have wrapped yourself up in the warm woollen blankets and cuddled up to one another, it is time to enjoy a leisurely ride through the silent winter landscape. Your hard-working four-legged friends transport you through snowy forests and over white, glistening meadows. Marvel at the snow-covered mountain peaks and enjoy the time together as you glide silently through the valley. Is there anything more romantic than a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the Salzburger Saalachtal? Probably not!

A ride in a horse-drawn sleigh is not only beautiful around Christmas but also in deep winter and in sunny springtime.

Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides in the Salzburger Saalachtal – Current Routes:

  • From St. Martin Luftenstein to Lofer and back (ca. 1 hour)
  • From St. Martin Luftenstein to the village of Au and back (ca. 2 hours)
  • From Lofer to Au and back (ca. 1 hour)
  • From Lofer to St. Martin Luftenstein and back (ca. 1 hour)

Horse-drawn sleigh rides are offered between December and March, depending on snow conditions.

Booking and Further Information:
Family Pfannhauser
Tel: +43 (0) 664 10 23 62 3 or +43 (0) 65 88 86 44

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