The Lamprechtshöhle in the Salzburger Saalachtal …

… with its total extent of around 56 km,  is one of the largest cave systems in Europe. Polish speleogists discovered another entrance in 1993 at 2,178 metres above sea level. This means that the Lamprechtshöhle is the largest passage cave in the world.

In the part of the cave which has been opened up for visitors, you can wander comfortably along walkways approximately 700 metres into the mountain over a height difference of 70 metres. At the end there is a wide platform which provides a fantastic view of a large part of the illuminated Lamprechtshöhle.

Information: In case of heavy rains please inform yourselves directly at the Lamprechtshöhle if the cave is open, because in case of actual and former heavy rains it could happen that the cave must be closed due to risk of flooding.

The Legend: In the Footsteps of Knight Lamprecht

The cave is named after the Knight Lamprecht, who lived in the Saaleck Castle. Even today old walls and ruins can still be found there. After a crusade the Knight Lamprecht brought valuable treasures home which were bequeathed to his two daughters.  In order to keep the treasure for herself,  Miss Knight Insatiable, one of the two daughters, hid it in this cave which was inaccessible in those days. The poor blind sister was left with nothing. Accompanied by an angry dog with blazing eyes, Miss Knight Insatiable dragged her treasure into the mystical part of the cave called the Women’s Cave.  Her cheated sister cursed her so that she would have to watch over her treasure until she could be released at midnight on Christmas Eve.

Countless knights made their way to the Lamprechtshöhle to try to find the treasure. Many dared to venture into the darkness of the mountain but only very few came out again. Because this legend enticed so many cave explorers of this type, this part of the cave was blocked off and closed by the Salzburg Government. However, the hard-nosed treasure hunters simply shrugged their shoulders at this. They tried to open up the entrance armed with pickaxes. Many were caught and punished with the leather whip.

Adventures in the Explorer Section

Only a grille separates the visitor-accessible part of the cave from the explorer section of the Lamprechtshöhle. Guided tours of the natural cave are on offer all year round. The autumn and winter guided tours, which last between 4 and 7 hours are particularly appealing. (Booking required in advance)

There is a “deeper” insight for you here

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