Stone Age adventure trail

with play stations

The highlight in Vorderkaser natural bathing area is the Stone Age adventure trail.

 The walking path with the inviting title “Vorderkaser – Welcome to the Stone Age” should also be a “motivator” for the young, or as Confucius said, “The way is the goal”. 

6 different play stations along the ca. 2 km long trail invite you to linger and play. The play stations are enhanced by boards which provide information about the history and way of life in the Stone Age.  Probably the most exciting play station for the brave hikers is situated directly at the entrance to the Vorderkaserklamm, where Scart from Ice Age is waiting for you.

There are 6 play stations along the way with the following play equipment:

Playground equipment

Station 1: adventurous slide in Stone Age style

Station 2: Hammock, low rope course

Station 3: water pump

Station 4: High ropes course

Station 5: Balance beam

Station 6: Climbing frame with slide, climbing wall, swings

These tours take you to the Stone Age adventure trail

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