Barefoot Trail in the Naturpark Weißbach

When the stones tickle your feet

Out of your hiking boots and onto the barefoot trail! Do you remember that wonderful feeling in your childhood when you walked barefoot through dewy meadows? When was the last time you took your shoes off for a walk? The barefoot trail in Weißbach invites you to experience walking with all your senses with the help of over 20 different surfaces. Take time to consciously experience how mud, moss, stones or meadow feel without the protection of a shoe’s sole and bring your childhood memories back to life.

Afterwards you can cool your feet off in the Kneipp facility at the entrance to the gorge and make your legs fit and fresh again.   

  • Starting point: between the Kneipp facility and the entrance to the Seisenberg Gorge
  • Length: 400 meters
  • Duration: approx. 15 minutes

The trail is sometimes a narrow wild game crossing and is, therefore, not suitable for children´s prams or buggies.

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