Top Spot Moosbach

Wild bathing at the top spot in St. Martin

The Moosbach top spot is perfect for all those who want to spend some nice hours with family or friends without having to hike too far. In the middle of a lush meadow and not far from St. Martin, you can simply take a break here, relax in the comfortable, leaf-shaped wooden armchairs and put your feet or your whole body in the water after a strenuous hike or E-bike tour cooling down. The Moosbach, which rises in St. Martin and flows around five kilometers over the meadows and fields of the Loferer valley basin in the Saalach, shows itself at this very special place as a five meter wide outlet basin and from its idyllic side. The children play on the big water wheel, romp around in the meadow or build a dam wall with the stones lying in the water.

How do you get to the Moosbach top spot?

The box seat is almost directly on the e-bike tour up into Maria Kirchental and is ideal as a welcome resting place with a chance to cool off. The romantic high valley with its popular pilgrimage church is a popular excursion destination in Salzburg’s Saalachtal and, like the Moosbach, can be reached by (e-) bike or on foot. From the St. Martin – Grubhof bus stop on bus line 260, the Moosbach can be comfortably reached in 10 minutes. You can park your car in the immediate vicinity at the Gasthof Hochmoos.

These tours take you to the Moosbach top spot …

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