Top Spot Obermayrberg

The Idyllic Top Spot in Lofer

The Top Spot Obermayrberg can be found in a (nearly) secret place in the alpine terrain around Au and high above Lofer and the Salzburger Saalachtal. It is a place of peace, relaxation and a place to come down – a place where everyone feels well and can find whatever type of relaxation they need.  Some take a seat in the cozy, leaf-shaped wooden armchairs; watch the cows grazing on the alpine pasture in front of them or read their book attentively. Others explore the beautiful area; play a little with the ball they brought with them or settle down on a picnic blanket. Far away from the big cities and in the silence of nature, you will feel as though you are in the right place immediately. You have arrived. 

How you get to the Top Spot Obermayrberg?

Obermayrberg can be reached on foot or by bike. You should allow a little time for a visit. The best way is to take an e-bike tour to Obermayrberg via the Mayrberg Gorge and  the chapel in Au where the Top Spot serves as a welcome place of rest before you set off again, refreshed and relaxed. For the hike from the bus stops Lofer Au or Lofer Scheffsnoth on the bus route 260, you should allow ca. 2.5 hours – pure walking time. There is a car park at the Gasthaus Obermayrberg for drivers. Although it takes a bit of effort to reach this Top Spot, every visitor to the Salzburger Saalachtal should come up here at least once. You definitely won’t regret it.

These tours take you to the Obermayrberg top spot …

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