TOP SPOT Mäander Hochmoor

Natural Spectacle in Unken Heutal

The Top Spot Mäander Hochmoor is located at ca.1000 metres above sea level at the beginning of the Unkener Heutal. Often you only see the special features of a place at second or even third glance. This is certainly the case with this Top Spot at the “Cauldron in Heutal”. It has a lot to offer and is situated right next to a special natural spectacle. So hop into one of the big chairs and put your feet up!

What is this special natural spectacle?

In written language this sinkhole is called a ”doline“ but the locals simply call it “the cauldron”. In Unken, there is another measure of whether we are talking about a flood or not. Alongside the water levels in the streams and rivers the question is, “Has the cauldron in Heutal overflowed yet?” In long periods of prolonged rain or sometimes after extreme snowmelt, “the cauldron overflows”. The size of the lake which develops as a result depends of course on the intensity of the event. A water level just below the nearby Heutal road is repeatedly reached. According to old lore, the water level can rise so high that it reaches the lower corner of the so-called Schmiedkaser. The Schmiedkaser is the most easterly building in Heutal and can be seen clearly from the platform. Supposedly only when this mark is reached, the lake flows overland over the watershed to the west in the direction of the Fischbach. Otherwise all of the water trickles into the cauldron and most of it comes out again at the “Sagbach”. The very powerful source of the Sagbach is found around two kilometres further to the east above the junction of the Heutal Road and Hintergföll. A smaller amount of water finds its way underground, such as in the direction of the Hammerlbauer in Gflöll. Whether the cauldron overflows or not, it is always a natural spectacle
Source: Hubert Lohfeyer, Mayor in retirement

How do you get to the Top Spot Mäander Hochmoor?

From the village centre of Unken, take the Heutaler Road (L251) for ca. 6.5 kilometres and a 10-minute drive to the Top Spot Mäander Hochmoor. The top spot is situated shortly after the valley bridge (Heutal P1 or P1a) at the beginning of Heutal. Unfortunately the location cannot be reached by public transport. Many popular bike tours in the region pass directly by the top spot or hikers can discover it on the “Heutal Circuit”.

These tours take you to the top spot Mäander Hochmoor …

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