Climbing parks in the Salzburger Saalachtal

Playful scrambling on rock

There are abundant sport climbing opportunities in the Salzburger Saalchtal. The routes in the Mountain Climbers’ Village Weißbach are great for climbing enthusiasts. There are more than 70 routes from 4c to 6b+ on the “Platte” directly in the village centre or in the “Oberes und Unteres Wunderland” and all of that within less than 100 metres as the crow flies. In total, there are over 700 sport climbing routes in Weißbach alone.

In Salzburger Saalachtal you will be climbing on limestone. Depending on the climbing park, the routes are checked once or several times a year for possible defects. The climbing parks here are all situated near the valley and are easily accessible. Car parks are mostly located near the climbing parks.  

Climbing parks in Weissbach

and here the 10 climbing rules:

1. Partner check before every start

  • mutual checks with eyes and hands
  • check figure of eight knot and attachment point
  • locking carabiner and belay device
  • harness and fastenings
  • knot tied at the end of the rope

2. Full attention when belaying

  • choose the correct position near the wall
  • observe partner
  • no slack rope

3. Operate the belay device correctly

  • one hand must always encircle the brake cable

4. Clear communication

  • agree communication rules before beginning the climb

5. Insert all intermediate securing devices correctly

  • clip in from a stable position
  • pay attention to the correct course of the rope in the carabiner
  • do not climb behind the rope

6. No top rope on a single carabiner

  • top rope only at intended deflections
  • top rope on steep, overhanging walls only with attached intermediate anchors
  • check whether the correct rope strand is inserted in the belay device

7. Keep the crash zone free

  • generously estimate the danger zone for collisions
  • maintain sufficient distance on the ground from the climber’s fall line
  • do not climb above each other
  • consider pendulum falls

8. Be careful when abseiling and lowering

  • lower your partner slowly and smoothly
  • never put two ropes in the same carabiner
  • keep the landing area clear

9. Protect head and body

  • a helmet protects against head injuries during falls or rockfalls
  • warm up before climbing

10. Be aware of your responsibilities

  • keep yourself up to date
  • show consideration to others
  • address errors, including those made by others
  • be self-critical and open to feedback

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