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Adventure Paths

Experience the unique nature and landscape of the Salzburger Saalachtal with all your senses and enjoy adventure and relaxation on our hiking paths! 


Adventure landscape in Weißbach

Experience intact cultured landscape – the adventure path leads through a cultured landscape which has been cared for by human hands over hundreds of years. The stations give you a wonderful insight into the beautiful habitats of many inhabitants and the people who preserved this beauty.


Starting point:
The main entrance is at Guesthouse Hirschbichl. Arrival with the Almerlebnis bus from the Weißbach council chambers is possible  




approx. 1–2 hours


Altitude difference:
approx. 190m


Well kept paths and wooden footbridge (gorge) - not suitable for children´s prams!

walden. Forest adventure path

Discover the world of the forest with all your senses – the forest adventure path runs over the tracks of wild animals, forest workers, swamps, berries, small streams and philosophers – so that one can easily explore life in the forest, with curiosity and all one´s senses. The quotations at specific stations come from a book titled „Walden. or from the life in the wood“ by poet and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau and it invites you to enjoy a variety of activities.


Starting point:
Waltlmühlsäge carpark (fee required) right on the Hirschbichllandesstrasse (Hirschbichl Road). It is possible to take the Almerlebnis bus from the council chambers in Weißbach.


round trip of 3 km



ca. 1–1.5 hours


Altitude difference:
ca. 200m


The path is sometimes a narrow wild game crossing and is, therefore, not suitable for children´s prams or buggies.

Barefoot path in Weißbach

A special sensory experience on many different surfaces – A great variety of materials, including stream stones, gravel, meadow grass, leaves, moss, fine sand, wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips and bark mulch are placed on the path. The use of the path is free of charge and at one´s own risk! The following applies to the whole path: walk slowly, look where you put your feet and please stand still to take in the beautiful landscape. Bring a towel and a good mood with you. The path is situated between the Kneipp facility and the entrance to the Seisenberg Gorge.

Nature knows no borders

The theme path shows you the Hirschbichl Pass habitat, the ecological compound, the bio-diversity and the biospheres of water, forest, Alp and rocks – as well as historical and current usage of this border region. There are also interactive stations such as a stepping stone biotope, a wall of collected field stones and game


Starting point:
Gasthaus Hirschbichl


1 km circular path


approx. 1–1,5 hours


Altitude difference:
30 m

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