Nature: A Place of Power

Nature gives you fresh, clean air, clear water and a natural pharmacy in the forest.  

A walk in the forest, a foot bath in clear spring water or a snack on the fresh raspberries alongside the path – nature gives you countless opportunities to do something good for yourself.   

On various diverse herbal walks and in workshops, members of the TEH Association show you how you can use the power of herbs in everyday life to promote your own well-being. A hay bath is wonderfully relaxing. Here you can breathe in the scent of fresh mountain herbs and feel completely refreshed afterwards.

There are also places in the Salzburger Saalachtal which radiate a very special energy. One of these places is the Energy Space “Zum Einklang” in Unken. Surrounded by high trees and situated in an idyllic, secluded clearing, this is one of the most powerful energy places worldwide.  

There are hardly any medical complaints for which nature does not have a remedy.  Whether honey, herbs, moss or our clear water – nature has an effect.

Here you will find out which simple remedies can gently and naturally improve your health.  

For everyone knows: “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

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