World Cup Slalom Course (Hubertussteg to Teufelsteg)

Navigable all year round in low water up to ”medium discharge“ ( Unterjettenberg level ca. 40m3/s, Weißbach level ca. 19-25 m3/s and water level indicator in the scale range 1 to a max. of 2), this section offers ideal, varied white water (WW III – IV). At water levels above mean-flow conditions the speed increases massively and the characteristics of the Saalach become much more apparent with a lot of press water. It is possible to exit at any time on to one of the hiking trails alongside the river. Mastery of the eskimo roll as well as solid technique are prerequisites for navigating the river.

Teufelsschlucht (Teufelssteg to Au)

Navigable all year round in low water conditions up to a discharge level at Unterjettenberg of ca. 30-35 m3/s, Weißbach level ca. 15-18m3/s or water level indicator/scale range 0.5 – 1, with a difficulty of ca. WW IV – V+. Every value above this means a significant increase in difficulty up to impassibility (WW VI). A personal assessment including an inspection before the ride (Triftsteig) is vital and the athlete requires a lot of experience and athletic riding ability in demanding, powerful water.

General Information

The discharge information always refers to the water level measuring points at Unterjettenberg or Weißbach. The discharge values from the water gauges are only conditionally conclusive for navigation of the Teufelschlucht because there are some tributaries between the river section Loferschlucht and the water gauges. Therefore they can only serve as reference values in addition to your own, individual assessment, including inspection, on the day of the ride. inspection on the day of the inspection. The water level indicator in the curve in front of the Teufelsteg is another aid for the paddler. The permanent change of the flow z. B. Attachment is not considered.

This information is provided to the best of our knowledge. Nevertheless, the paddler must reassess the potential danger every day before each trip.

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