Canoe cam Saalach

At the Teufelssteg in Lofer

Here you get some current impressions of the conditions and the weather at the Teufelssteg with a view of the Saalach.

Water Level indicator

Alongside the water level measurements in Weißbach and Unterjettenberg and the canoe-cam, the water level indicator is an additional source of information for all white water athletes. 

The water level indicator has been fixed to a rock in the middle of the picture. You have to zoom in a little on the picture on the cam.


The green range (1-2) indicates  a lower to medium risk. The values in the yellow range (3-4) indicate a higher risk. If the water level is in the red range (5) or the water level indicator can not be seen at all, this means there is a very high risk.

More information with corresponding details about the two adjacent river sections  WM Slalom Course (Hubertussteg – Teufelssteg) and Teufelsschlucht (Teufelssteg – Au):

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