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“I love the mountains, the nature, the diverse opportunities“

In conversation: Marion Wörgötter-Posch. The mother of three grew up in Unken and loves to on the move. She talked to us about the hiking village and her favourite tours.

Dear Marion, Unken is a  certified Hiking Village. What makes the Hiking Village beautiful for you?

The mountains, the nature, the diverse opportunities to exercise outside – in summer as well in winter. In summer with the bike, the e-mountain bike or on foot. The hospitality and good regional cuisine of the local gastronomy businesses and hut proprietors is especially good. I also treasure the moments cooling off in the wild waters.

Did you also like to get out and about in the mountains as a child?

Yes, very much so. My parents went on lots of walks and hikes with me and my sister. The best thing about them was the nice snack on the summit – that always tasted particularly good.

What is your favourite walk in the Hiking Village Unken at the moment?

I like a lot of the walks. One route that I often take is the Kalvarienberg circuit.

What is special about this hike – why do you like it so much?

What is special for me is that I can set off from home, the walk isn’t particularly long but I can still get good exercise and come home refreshed. The route leads through the forest ascending slightly, passes by the Energy Place and you are rewarded with a particularly fine view over Unken from the Kalvarienberg chapel. The Kalvarienberg chapel was renovated in 2017 and the Way of the Cross was also newly designed last year.

Can you describe the path and the views on this tour?

You can start the walk from the official hiking start point in the village park in Unken. From there you go up to the church, left over the meadow path to the Egger cross in the forest. At the Ölberg chapel you can decide whether you turn off for a mountain tour to the Wetterkreuz or to the Kalvarienberg. When you arrive at the top, you can enjoy a view of Unken sitting on the bench. If you want to complete the circuit then you go through the forest which leads to the Pirschberg road, further downhill via the Sonnberg track and turn left at the Pension Wildschütz onto the meadow path back to the village. When you arrive back in the village you can get some refreshments in one of the guesthouses.  

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