Magical Skiing Fun for Kids

The needs of families are of the utmost importance in the Almenwelt Lofer. That’s why the ski area has a new offer for children: the “Hexen Funline”. Together with the already existing Lofi Funline, there are now two separate areas of piste which provide plenty of fun for children with a wide variety of features. 

Apparently there are some children who spend the whole day just skiing down the Lofi Funline and then riding back up on the childproof Family Express. It’s understandable because the bumpy piste, the high-five punchbags and the obstacles magically attract children. Now with the “Hexen Funline”, a second highlight has been constructed in the Almenwelt Lofer. Even the biggest Lofi Funline fans may now want to make a detour to this special section of piste at the childproof 8-person chairlift, the Senderexpress. We talked to the managing director of the Almenwelt Lofer, Willi Leitinger, about what the current and the new funline are about and what you can look forward to this winter.

Hello Willi. The Almenwelt Lofer has had the Lofi Funline for a while now. When and above all, why did you build it?

The Almenwelt Lofer is a family ski area. And as much as families value our wide and gentle slopes, children simply love variety and mini adventures. That’s why we built the Lofi Funline about 10 years ago. It is constantly altered, adapted to current trends and needs and therefore remains exciting for children who have been to the Almenwelt Lofer several times.

What features or stations are there along the Lofi Funline and what do the children particularly like?

The Lofi Funline is a sectioned-off and separately prepared area which begins with a starting arch and then leads over bumps, various obstacles such as boxes and little jumps as well as high-five punchbags to the finish. The children love the various stations, the variety and the even, flat terrain. They can then return to the top on the childproof Family Express. The Lofi Funline is simply a hit, children can’t get enough of it. 

For what age is the Lofi Funline suitable?

It’s ideal for all children up to 15 years old. However, there is no age limit, even younger children of 3 or 4 years can try out the Lofi Funline.

And now there is a new, second funline, the “Hexen Funline”. What is it and what was your intention in building it?

The “Hexen Funline” is a relaxed forest trail on which various 3-4 metre high witch figures are waiting to be discovered. The figures react with acoustic effects when someone skis past. The trail itself is not too difficult and therefore also possible for smaller children. The forest is wonderful and leads families in the company of the witches into a fascinating and somewhat mystical world.  

The “Hexen Funline” was already tested last year. How was the feedback from the test runs?

Very good. The feedback was positive and some families wanted to come to us from other ski areas because we have a “Witches’ Trail”. The route itself still had some sections which were too fast, which we have improved and made easier in the meantime.

What are the benefits of the funlines for skiing skills?

On the one hand, the children have to have some skiing skills already to be able to ski the funlines. They gain these above all in the children’s areas of the ski schools, where we have built a complete beginners’ area with a 140 m long covered magic carpet with an intermediate exit to provide ideal learning opportunities for children. On the other hand, the funlines promote skiing skills through the different elements and tasks. Above all, dexterity, balance and exact skiing are trained – and all of this in a completely playful way.

And how much work is required of your employees in building and maintaining the funlines?

The effort is not insignificant. We have to prepare the funlines daily and keep the obstacles in good shape. To do this, employees and piste grooming equipment are in operation every day, I would guess at 1-2 hours every day. Some days the conditions are such that the funlines have to be closed. Fortunately, that happens very rarely, but good and safe conditions are immensely important to us. 

Willi, many thanks for the interview and the constant development of the Almenwelt Lofer.

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