Hiking & Bathing Vorderkaserklamm

white water sprites and ancient mountain giants

A day in the Vorderkaserklamm and natural bathing area offers adventure and relaxation for the whole family and there are one or two magical surprises along the way.


It is just before midday – the ideal time for a picnic and a cool off in the water afterwards! It's time to go to the Vorderkaser natural bathing area  which is practically located, right next to the gorge. We head to the wild water bathing lakes in the “Schiedergraben“ which is a particular treasure thanks to its unspoilt nature. Light blue water and lush green sunbathing areas right next to the lake – what more could you want?


Picnic on the bank of the lake

We unpack our coolbag while the older children run off in the direction of the lake. There are a total of eight wild swimming spots in the area. We particularly enjoy this magnificent place  - here you feel really connected to nature. While our friends try to tempt the children out of the water, we are already on our picnic blanket. With an audible sigh we lean back, squint in the sunlight and enjoy the fantastic lake and mountain panorama.  


Pirates and treasure hunters

After the meal we enjoy a short afternoon nap in the shade. When we eventually open our eyes, our friends' older children are jumping about excitedly from one foot to the other – they were swinging and have have also been playing on a hanging bridge – now they want to go in the water again, over to the rafts waiting on the bank, on which you can sail across the bathing lake. Pure adventure (not just) for our little friends. So it's into the water and onto the rafts – let the games begin! We battle – pirates versus treasure hunters – until we are completely wet through. The children dive around the raft, spluttering and laughing, “Well, they'll certainly sleep well tonight,“ my friend whispers smiling. Yes and we will as well, I think and grin back.


Wild water sprites and mountain giants

As the sun begins to slowly disappear behind the mountain peaks, we pack up our things and leisurely make our way home. The children fall asleep in the back seat after a couple of seconds. What a busy and eventful day – from the hike through the ancient, fascinating gorge to the water battle on the bathing lake and relaxed moments in the sun. We start the car and look back once again to the natural bathing area, now bathed in a golden light. We'll certainly come again at the next available opportunity. The water sprites and the mountain giants will accompany us for a long time to come.

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Christina Knauseder-Csipek
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