The new 8-Person Senderexpress

A Quantum Leap in the Almenwelt Lofer


In the course of modernizing the lift system in the Almenwelt Lofer the outdated 4-person Schönbühel  chairlift was dismantled and replaced by the latest generation modern 8-person Doppelmayr chairlift.  Willi Leitinger, manager of the Almenwelt Lofer, told us in an interview why there were tears to say goodbye, how the new construction is a quantum leap for the family ski area and what Argentina has to do with the whole thing.


From accommodation hosts, to restaurants, to the ski schools, there is a perfect chain of service which we as the lift system also feel bound to.


For this reason we are continuously investing in new lifts which can meet our and our guests` expectations of quality.  The new Senderexpress is just the logical extension of a phase of modernization which began with the construction of the new main access lift, the Almen-Achter-Schwarzeck lift and the huge reservoir.


In the medium-term, the connection of Almbahn I and Almbahn II is planned so that we can ride up to the Almenwelt without having to change. But at the moment that is still in the future.


The construction of a new chairlift does not happen overnight. How did the process work? From the first idea until the realization in 2019?

You could say that we had to work intensively for around two years. First of all there was a meeting of the owners of the land, then the finances were put in place and finally the planning and implementation phases began. For a small ski area like ours, it is a big undertaking and everything has to be right. After all, the Senderexpress should be in operation for 50 years.   


What will change in terms of safety when the new lift opens?

As a ski area we place the utmost importance on safety. Thanks to the rising conveyor belt, children under one metre tall can also safely and independently get on the lift. During the journey the automatic safety bar ensures maximum safety. And comfort also reaches a new level.


Alongside the two gondolas, from now on three efficient and weatherproof chairlifts await our guests. Combined with the covered conveyor belt for the little ones, we can offer optimal skiing pleasure even during snowfall.

Finally: What are you looking forward to most on the new lift?
To the guests' satisfaction. I am certain that the feedback will be very positive and the new Senderexpress will go down well with skiers. To us it really represents a quantum leap for which we have worked for a long time and it's great when everything is running well and we can see this in the happy and smiling faces.



Almenwelt Lofer invests in a new 8-person chairlift

The building work for an enormous improvement in comfort in the Almenwelt Lofer is still ongoing. The 4-person chairlift Schönbühel (built in 1991) was dismantled after the winter season 18/19 and brings skiers up the mountain in Argentina. There is a modern, comfortable, childproof 8-person chairlift with bubbles and heated seating in operation on the Schönbühel since winter 19/20.


Piste improvements: the valley station is around 70 metres lower (1337m) than before. The mountain station remains unchanged on Schönbühel at 1623 metres. There will be a wider range of pistes in the future. The main piste in the lower area will be broadened and a new piste laid out along the route of the old lift. The pistes on the north side offer very good quality even in the afternoons or in spring.



  • Transport capacity: 3000p/h  beginning of development (3400p/h final expansion) – previous max. 1900 p/h
  • Journey time and speed: 5 min. or 5.5 metres/sec..  –( previous 12 min. or  2.2 m/sec.)
  • Length: 1.200 metres (previous 1140m)
  • Finance:  total investment € 10.5 million

Almenwelt Lofer



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