The chocolate treasure from the Salzburger Saalachtal

The view is unique and the taste is too. On a hill above Lofer, opposite the Loferer Steinberge, Berger Feinste Confiserie in  ” Bergers FEINHEIT“  has been hosting seminars, events and a wonderful chocolate brunch since Spring 2018.  “Chocolate for breakfast” is on the menu in this new place of seduction – a good enough reason for a discovery journey to the chocolate treasure of the  Salzburger Saalachtal.   Charles Dickens, the famous English author, was supposed to have said, “Nothing is more valuable than a good friend, except a friend with chocolate.” Anyone who has ever let the noble delicacies of Berger Feinste Confiserie melt in the mouth can confirm this.  Whether with fine herbs or delicately sweet or with nuts or exotic or completely pure: the chocolate creations from Berger are always a delicately melting temptation. They consist of high-quality ingredients, without exception, some of which come from the local area, are refined with unconventional ideas and perfected  by pure handcraft.  It is no surprise then that the chocolates and chocolate bars from the Salzburger Saalachtal have a community of fans all over the world. Christine and Hubert Berger from Lofer have been making chocolate dreams come true since September 1994. They are Pinzgauers, heart and soul, and proud of their region. This shows in the chocolatiers’ products.  The brandies which add a tasty twist to some of their chocolate creations originate, for example, from Siegfried Herzog from Saalfelden and the organic eggnog comes from the Farthofer distillery. The local TEH-Association in Unken (TEH = Traditionelle Europäische Heilkunde – Traditional European Medicine), provides the regional herbs and the organic cream is also sourced in the region. Home and tradition are reflected in Berger’s chocolate dreams alongside the organic and fair trade approach.  And the philosophy of the family business can be summed up quickly: highest quality, love of craftsmanship, the power of innovation and a large dose of creativity.

The Latest Place of Seduction: “ Berger’s Fineness

In 2018, the company headquarters in Lofer was extended to another site of seduction, “Bergers FEINHEIT” is a homage to chocolate – and to the region. Over around 220 m2, the love of both successful chocolatiers for their homeland, their craft and chocolate is visible. Talking about visible: the view from Bergers FEINHEIT out into the natural world of the Salzburger Saalachtal is unique. The large windows of the modern building provide a clear view of the majestic Loferer Steinberge. You can enjoy the peace and quiet on the spacious terrace. A perfect setting to enjoy yourself and indulge all your senses.

The Early Bird Gets the Chocolate

This works especially well with the Berger Chocolate Brunch. From March to November you can begin your day with chocolate every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Bergers serve extraordinary breakfast creations between 9 am and 1 pm. Anyone who thinks that only sweet dishes end up on the plate would be wrong. Christine and Hubert Berger tell us that chocolate contains up to 500 flavours. That is why it harmonizes so well with many other flavours. The result: a wonderful variety of sweet and spicy breakfast specialities. If you are really looking forward to chocolate for breakfast now be sure to book a table in advance. And then there’s nothing can come between you and your chocolatey (morning) pleasure.

Chocolate Chat with Christine and Hubert Berger

Mr and Mrs Berger, you launched “Berger Feinste Confiserie“ in 1994 as a two-person operation. What is the story behind this – how did you become chocolatiers? Was this  a childhood dream?

Hubert Berger: The desire to be self-employed was there early and so our story began almost 25 years ago. My parents let us use their garage and after training as a confectioner and an ever-growing fascination for the raw material chocolate, my wife Christine and I produced our first chocolates there. Meanwhile, our two-person business has become a company with 100 employees. We have seven branches in Salzburg, Tyrol and Styria and export to many countries. However, we have remained faithful to the traditional confectioners’ craft.

The  new “Bergers FEINHEIT“ is the third Berger building in Lofer. Can you tell us what distinguishes Bergers FEINHEIT from the other two?

Christine Berger: In the confectionery in the original building the chocolates are finished with much love for the details. Our first shop is also there, where we have been selling our chocolate creations for over 20 years. The second location is the chocolaterie where the very delicate chocolate bars are produced. Bergers FEINHEIT is our house for chocolate. There we want to pass on our love for the craft to our customers and employees, but also bring our spirit of creativity to life. From March to October our unique chocolate brunches take place here as well as our patisserie courses. In addition, Bergers FEINHEIT can be booked as a location for seminars and workshops – letting you discover the many aspects of chocolate.

Berger Feinste Confiserie stands for high-quality chocolate products. What characterizes high-quality chocolate?

Hubert Berger: High-quality chocolate convinces with an intense taste, the best raw material quality and a delicate taste on the palate. Our milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate is available in organic quality and is certified as fair trade. From this chocolate, in combination with exquisite regional ingredients such as organic cream, brandies and local herbs, our fine chocolate creations are produced. The love of detail and passion for traditional handcraft also contribute to a high-quality product, of course.

Chocolate is an emotional product. What feelings do you want people to experience when they enjoy your chocolate?

Christine Berger: With our products, we want to bring people wonderful moments, full of pleasure. Something lovingly and creatively crafted, stylish and delicious for every occasion, which brings joy and the sweet side of life on the palate.

Discover the art of seduction …  

Want to create your own?

A recipe by Berger Feinste Confiserie: chocolate butter truffle


  • 125 g Berger dark chocolate (chopped)
  • 85 g whipped cream
  • pinch of salt
  • Pinch of vanilla
  • 35 g cold butter

Preparation: First heat the cream with the salt and vanilla in a pan and pour over the chopped chocolate. Stir until all of the chocolate has melted. Now allow to cool for a while to about  40°C. Chop the cold butter into small cubes and mix into the mixture with a hand blender. Cover with cling film, allowing no air in, for ca. 4 hours and place in the fridge. When the mixture is cold, it can be formed with a spoon. Now the truffles receive a coating of tempered chocolate and can be rolled in cocoa or any fruit powder.

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