The Winter Bucket List for your Kids

Boundless fun in the Salzburger Saalachtal Valley

You’ve probably heard the term #bucketlist before. But what exactly is it? A bucket list is a list of things you should do or experience in your life before you die. Sounds macabre, but it actually makes sense, doesn’t it. Of course, we in the Salzburger Saalachtal also have 8 tips, especially for your kids, which you shouldn’t miss in winter.

#1 Follow the call of the witches

As soon as your kids are halfway confident on ski’s or snowboard, there is a clear destination in the Almenwelt Lofer: the new 1-km-long Witches Funline at the child-safe 8-seater chairlift Senderexpress. This is located on a casual forest path, where 3-4m high witch figures with acoustic effects await your children. The path is not too difficult and is therefore suitable for piste dwarves. The more courageous kids can show off their skills on the wave track, the steep curve and not forgetting the small jumps.

#2 2 hp + 1 sledge

Not all kids are addicted to hiking, which is more than understandable after an energy-sapping day of skiing or tobogganing. So why not jet through the deep snowy winter landscape with horsepower. Snuggled up in a warm blanket, there is plenty to discover during the one or two-hour tour. And the very brave can even take a seat at the front of the carriage as co-pilot.

#3 Singing into the depths

The Lamprechtshöhle is a little scary for some children at first, but it is also unforgettable. Especially when you go into the depths of the cave with our singing hiking guide, armed with lanterns. Of course, Hermann will tell you exciting stories about the knight Lamprecht, who once lived in the cave. And of course the “singing” hiking guide lives up to his name.

#4 Tobogganing & Kaiserschmarrn

Hiking in winter? Of course, but only if every metre your kids walk uphill can then be sped back down again on a toboggan along the 3.5 km long natural toboggan track. And when your kids arrive at the top and find the warm parlour of the Jausenstation Hochalm with a delicious Kaiserschmarrn waiting for them, that’s the “next level” of motivation.

#5 Between Elves & Angels

Children get into the Christmas spirit all by themselves, but the anticipation of the big feast is stoked even more at the Maria Kirchental Mountain Christmas high up on the mountain. At the campfire, your kids will listen to the stories of the Christmas elf Billy, at the participatory theatre they will slip into a different role and at the elf post office they will write their wish list to Santa together with the Christmas elf.

#6 Up & right back down again

There’s always something going on on the Kirchentalwiese in St. Martin, which has been specially prepared for children. Armed with a sliding plate, bobsleigh or toboggan, your kids can let off steam here until late in the evening, as the “sliding hill” is also illuminated. By the way, this is also a very pleasant pastime for parents, as they can relax in the meantime until the kids return, tired and in a good mood.

#7 On silent soles

Walking on cleared winter hiking trails is boring? Then we have another item for your bucket list: on a guided snowshoe hike in the Weißbach Nature Park, you will go with a nature park guide off the marked trails in search of animal tracks and, with a bit of luck, discover one or two wild animals in the forest. Background knowledge about the local animals is of course included.

#8 Magic night of fire

This last tip is all about watching and marvelling. But you’ll see that it’s worth it: every Wednesday at 8 pm the ski instructors of the Herbst Ski School show their skills at the spectacular “Magic night of fire” ski show. But we won’t reveal exactly what happens just yet. Brave kids can also take part in the torchlight ride on the Talschluss slope and become part of the show.

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